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HootSuite Enterprise vs Sprout Social Comparison

HootSuite Enterprise logo

HootSuite Enterprise

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Sprout Social

Likelihood to Recommend9
Likelihood to Renew8.9
Product usability8.8
Performance and reliability9.4
Support rating9
Training satisfaction8.8
Implementation satisfaction9.5
Likelihood to Recommend8.6
Likelihood to Renew8.2
Product usability8.4
Performance and reliability8.1
Support rating8.7
Training satisfaction9
Implementation satisfaction8.5

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Initiating and measuring online marketing campaigns using tracking URLs has become universal across all web analytic tools. All Ad Networks allow the marketing customer to add tracking parameters to their landing page URL and many will provide additional parameters when the Ad is executed providing...
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If you'd asked me this question several weeks ago, I'd say that the products are very similar in nearly every aspect. That has changed now. In my reviews of both products, I am critical of their UI, which I find to be confusing. In the time between my review of Sprout and now, they've revamped...

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Mobile app was crucial factor in choosing Hootsuite.
October 2 2012
Community manager describes how HootSuite is used for support case management / workflow and listening. Also discusses competing products.
Team functionality and clean UI are great.
September 24 2012
An advertising agency with a very large team and a large number of social properties uses HootSuite to manage all social activity using the Team functionality. They find HootSuite highly collaborative and great to work with.
Scheduling and analytics both very strong.
September 30 2012
Social media and IT manager at a digital agency impressed with scheduling and analytics capabilities of HootSuite Enterprise.
Team workflow is crucial for our global team.
September 24 2012
A social media manager explains why HootSuite Enterprise is such a great fit for a large team of community managers each responsible for a range of different products.
Reliable, easy-to-use; analytics could be better.
October 2 2012
Manager of a social media team at an institute of Higher Education discusses how they use HootSuite Enterprise to build engagement with prospective students.
Enterprise version very intuitive. Analytics weak.
October 2 2012
A large media agency was looking for a tool that would provide centralized management of multiple social properties with sophisticated permissioning. HootSuite Enterprise provides very strong functionality in these areas at a very affordable price point.
Hootsuite? Big fan.
January 13 2014
Hootsuite helps us to efficiently monitor our social media communications and allows for a team that is physically in different locations to all work on the same accounts collaboratively. We can preschedule content so that we can be involved in conversations on the weekends, and to make our workloads easier to manage. I love that I have Hootsuite on my phone and can be responsive.
HootSuite Review
August 25 2013
HootSuite Enterprise works very well for monitoring, publishing and team management / workflow. Upgraded from Pro to Enterprise due to the large number of social platforms being managed across the country and also the need to have access to HootSuite University. Training is critically important to build confidence and efficiency with the product! Customer service is great. However, one person of the organization must take the time to understand the product thoroughly and act as liaison between Hootsuite and the team.
Hootsuite Enterprise for Social Media Agency
July 22 2013
Agency uses Hootsuite to handle social media account monitoring and content posting for 200+ small business clients. They started with a free trial and upgraded from the Pro to Enterprise edition for additional support and a personal connection to the company. Great product: The "team" infrastructure works well in an agency environment. Reporting is not all that it could be.
HootSuite as one of the leading Social Media management platforms
June 5 2013
Small agency uses HootSuite both internally and on behalf of clients. They upgraded from Free to Pro to Enterprise and love the product for its tracking and monitoring capabilities, ease-of-use, integration with Google Analytics and great support and training options.
Hootsuite enterprise for the everyday company
October 25 2013
Hootsuite is great for teams and makes it easy to manage additional users by assigning tasks etc. Great analytics and monitoring capabilities. It would be great if we could see impressions and who our top influential users are on each social network. The addition of a buffer tool to spread posts throughout the day would also be useful.
Excellent tool that should be taken advantage of!
November 4 2013
Hootsuite is great for scheduling social media posts! It makes it much easier for finding all of your content at once and setting it to post at a consistent time.
Definition of Social Media Management: Hootsuite Enterprise
January 10 2014
Hootsuite has a very user-friendly interface and organizes all our social media accounts very well It saves us a lot of time. It would be great if there were more training tutorials and the main desktop is a bit overwhelming as there is such much going on.
Help me fully manage tasks within the product
November 1 2013
Post scheduling and editing options are great and the UI is intuitive. Limitations with Facebook (no home feed, cannot tag people with @ symbol) are an issue, and the reporting window is too narrow at 35 days. This make is impossible to do trending charts.
I love Hootsuite
November 4 2013
Great team functionality allowing for collaboration and post scheduling to multiple channels is very easy. It's also a good listening tool. It would be nice if there was Buffer like plug-in for adding articles to the feed. There are some images with posting images so that they render correctly. We love the iPhone / iPad app.
Hootsuite Enterprise Review
November 1 2013
Hootsuite Enterprise has a user-friendly dashboard and the product is easy to learn. The ability to customize reports was very helpful. While Hootsuite Enterprise account comes with one-on-one customer support, the support person was not always able to answer our questions. Hootsuite Academy though is a great resource.
Great Tool for Improving Marketing Efficiency
October 30 2013
Hootsuite Enterprise enables me to manage multiple client accounts in one place. It's easy to assign people to teams and coordinate activity centrally. The ability to set up customer streams and track keywords is very useful. The user interface for adding scheduled posts by uploading a spreadsheet is awkward and could be improved.
Getting organized
October 28 2013
Hootsuite helps keep us organized. We have many different teams managing multiple streams but Hootsuite makes sense of it all. Scheduling and posting are much easier, especially using the Hootlet.Reporting could be a little more robust with better tagging, and I wish follower data were more extensive.
Review and recommendation of Hootsuite Enterprise
May 22 2013
Large utility is happy with Hootsuite as a platform to manage multiple social media channels from a single interface. Workflow and scheduling functionality are also great.
HootSuite's Effectiveness
October 24 2013
It schedules tweets very well and provides very thorough analytics data. However, they need to improve their abilities to schedule posts to other networking sites.
Clean, concise and reliable - Sprout Social is where it's at
October 25 2013
Sprout Social is a great all-rounder product. It has a great publishing module and the reporting is beautiful. The friend / follower module is not particularly user-friendly and switching between different accounts can be a little tricky, but this is a great affordable product with stellar customer service.
Data analysis inadequate for an agency.
December 3 2012
Social media strategist at a European agency used Sprout Social as part of a product evaluation and found that it was not ideal for an agency use case.
Good, simple publishing tool.
December 5 2012
Social Media consultant finds Sprout Social to be an adequate tool for smaller agencies and clients. It's a good publishing tool, but does not offer much in the way of editorial control or reporting / analytics.
Affordable and effective.
November 29 2012
Social media manager at a national nonprofit agency impressed by Sprout Social, but has some reservations about analytics / reporting.
No real presentation layer.
September 18 2012
Social strategist at a high-tech company uses Sprout Social to track the performance of various marketing strategies.
Sprout Social Has Plenty of Room for Growth
October 25 2013
Sprout allows us to schedule Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ posts (including photos) all from the Messaging module. It also allows me to add an RSS feed and push my blog posts to Twitter. I love the Twitter Comparison capability that allows me to compare my Twitter account to competitor accounts and understand what content is engaging our market. A big gap is the inability to link to Pinterest accounts. Also Facebook and Twitter reports are a bit vague and not really useful.
What is the best Social Media management solution?
April 12 2014
Sprout Social is a robust scheduling platform with simple to understand reports. Being cloud-based and also available for smartphones and tablets allows for reliability. It would be great if the could add LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.
Why YOU should check out Sprout Social!
October 25 2013
Sprout Social is an awesome platform for managing, scheduling and responding all from one place instead of logging into multiple social accounts. Customer service is stellar. I just wish they covered Pinterest and LinkedIn. Also Twitter analytics could be improved.
Seeded in Metrics, Sprout Social Grows Your Strategic Marketing
October 25 2013
The product integrates well with the major social channels to post consistent messaging. It provides great metrics and is very easy to learn. Integrates well with major social media channels twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to post consistent messaging across channels. I wish I did not have to pay for Google Analytics integration, and would like to see more Google+ data.
Sprout Social as a Social Care Tool
October 27 2013
Sprout allows us to provide better customer service on social channels by tracking social mentions quickly and efficiently. We can respond to customers and assign tasks to team members quite easily. The analytics are great and allow us to track things like efficiency of our engagement, speed to response, channel growth etc. We would really love Sprout to add sentiment analysis to their listening capability.
Haley's 2 Cents on Sprout
October 25 2013
Sprout is great for scheduling Twitter content, and it's easy to create custom reports for my clients Exporting PDF and CSV make it so easy. It s also easy to manage multiple content writers and community managers. However, I schedule Facebook and Google+ posts in the platforms since there are some issues in posting to these channels through Sprout. No Pinterest integration.
Sprout is Okay, But Not Great for Us.
October 25 2013
Sprout is a great platform for engaging users on Twitter, and it makes team collaboration easy. It's also well designed with a great UI. However, there are some shortcomings: tagging Facebook users is not possible and scheduled posts only can appear as a feed and not as a monthly or weekly overview. Reporting is also lacking.
Great for covering the basics.
October 25 2013
Very good tool for managing posts and providing metrics. Would be great if they covered Instagram and Pinterest. The mobile app is not great.
Solid for Agency Use
October 23 2013
Sprout's ability to organize your followers into different categories is very useful. Scheduling across multiple channels is well organized and easy to use. Although reports are good, the are very basic compared to the reports produced by a product like Simply Measured. Also, product does not support Instagram or YouTube.
SproutSocial — Stick to Reporting for a Satisfying Experience
August 13 2013
Sprout social is a great social reporting product. The PDF reports it produces are detailed and visually beautiful and display all the required metrics. However, apart from that the tool is bulky and slow to load. Things like publishing and scheduling are handled better by other tools.
Optimized Our Social Media Team- Saves Team Time, Proves Value To Clients
October 28 2013
Reporting is comprehensive and fast and it's great to be able to export to a PDF. However, reports could provide more data like percentage increase month over month on engagement, fans, etc. Posting is extremely efficient and the mobile app is amazing.
Sprout Social is a top-notch SMMS
October 28 2013
Sprout is a great system with an excellent support system. Analytics are easy to understand but still thorough. The RSS and integrations are fantastic. Support for Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn would be great.
Use Sprout when you need to report, measure and schedule engagement all in one place
October 25 2013
Sprout is a great platform for scheduling posts, and is highly effective at showing results for successful social campaigns. Reporting is detailed, and easy to share, but some of the reporting seems out of context or unnecessary. It would also be nice if they supported social channels like Pinterest and Google+
Sleek, easy to use, provides premium data
November 1 2013
Sprout Social has a beautiful UI and is probably the easiest cross management platform to use. It has helped us increase engagement and convert leads faster. There are some limitations managing our Facebook page from the platform, but this may be a Facebook rather than a Hootsuite issue.
Sprout Social Dominates This Space
March 21 2014
Sprout Social has awesome reporting. and a great, intuitive user interface. The platform really helps with engagement, making it easy to reply to comments, posts and tweets! It would be nice to have a report that showed both Facebook and Twitter metrics for each property.