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"Mintigo InterestBase Review"

Reviewed on July 25 2013

TrustRadius Review Summary

Mintingo InterestBase searches the web for leads with interests that match our products. So far, it has worked well: we are seeing good engagement and high conversion rates. I would recommend.

Overall Satisfaction with Mintigo

Overall Mintigo Rating : 10 of 10

Average: 10.0
Really good insight on our customer base

Mintigo Pros

  • Customer identification and acquisition
  • Improved lead scoring for aligning buyer's interest to what we sell

Mintigo Cons

N/A - delivers on agreement

ROI on Mintigo purchase

  • High engagement with leads (MQLs)
  • Conversion rates are strong

Likelihood to Renew Mintigo : 10 of 10

Average: 10.0
Delivering on the promise.  High engagement with the leads.  Good conversion rates.

Using Mintigo

Mintigo Users and Roles

Mintigo Support Headcount Required

Key Mintigo Use Cases

  • Customer acquisition (Tofu leads)
  • Aligning buyer's interest to what we sell
  • Improved lead scoring

Innovative Uses of Mintigo

Future Planned Uses of Mintigo

Evaluating Mintigo and Competitors

Products Replaced by Mintigo

We did not switch from any software package. - N/A

Mintigo Alternatives Considered

Key Mintigo Differentiators

Mintigo Evaluation Lessons

Mintigo Implementation

Mintigo Implementation Rating and Lessons : 10 of 10

Average: 10.0

Mintigo Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

Implemented in-house

Mintigo Implementation Phases

Change Management Lessons

Mintigo Implementation Issues

Mintigo Training

Methods Used for Mintigo Training

  • In-person training
  • Self-taught

Mintigo In-Person Training Rating : 10 of 10

Average: 10.0
Easy, 30 min

Mintigo Online Training Rating : null of 10

Ease of Mintigo Training

Very easy and intuitive.  I would recommend to others.

Mintigo Configurability Rating and Impressions

Mintigo Configuration Lessons

Mintigo UI Customization

Mintigo Extensibility and Code Customization

Additional Mintigo Customization

Mintigo Support

Overall Support Rating for Mintigo : 10 of 10

Average: 10.0
Great insights on customer insights and behaviors

Mintigo Customer Support Pros and Cons


Mintigo Premium Support

No - Support is not needed

Mintigo Bug Resolution

Exceptional Examples of Mintigo Support

Mintigo Usability Rating

Mintigo Usability Pros and Cons


Easy Tasks in Mintigo

Difficult Tasks in Mintigo

Mobile Interface Availability and Impressions

Mintigo Scaleability Rating

Mintigo Availability Rating

Mintigo Performance Rating

Ease of Integrating with Mintigo

Systems Integrated with Mintigo

Future Mintigo Integration Plans

Types of Integration

Mintigo Integration Lessons

Mintigo Pre-Sale Rating

Mintigo Post-Sale Rating

Key Negotiation Points

Dealing with Mintigo

Mintigo Upgrade Process

Mintigo Upgrade Benefits

Anticipated Benefits from Future Mintigo Upgrades

Changing Editions of Mintigo

Future Edition Upgrade Plans

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