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How to Differentiate and Build Credibility With Buyers

Today, B2B technology buyers want authenticity and to self-educate when researching products. Unfortunately, they often ignore the brand story your marketing team is trying to tell, instead searching for comparisons of vendors, social proof, and self-serve product information from trusted third-party sources.

7 Ways to Leverage Reviews in Your Marketing Channels

Customer reviews play a crucial role in the buying journey. According to our research, 41% of Gen Z and 29% of Millennials check review sites as the first step of their purchase journey. Given the level of distrust in the market and a digitally naive generation, the majority of consumers, and now B2B technology buyers, read reviews of previous customers before making a buying decision.

Here are some of the most optimal ways you can leverage customer reviews in your marketing channels.

Top 5 Tips for Maximizing Event Review Generation

As in-person events return to the business world and virtual events remain popular, vendors are finding it more difficult to stand out in the crowd than ever before. Attendees are no longer looking for the all-too-common, customized pens and water bottles. Instead, vendors need to think outside of the box and get creative to attract attention on a saturated show floor.

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