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Wix vs. WordPress in 2021

Website hosting services allow those of us without the skills to build a site from the ground up to run a successful online presence. While the options out there have their own blend of benefits, Wix and WordPress are two of the most popular. Both are capable of exploding your business potential with a fraction […]

Web conferencing with large group in office

Which Video Conferencing Platform is Best for Large Group Meetings?

There is no shortage of web conferencing tools out there, but not all are suited for large meetings. A virtual meeting app may work well for chatting with a client but struggle with group meetings of 10 people or more. Thankfully, TrustRadius has thousands of user reviews for different web conferencing options, complete with information […]

The Best 5 Tax Software for Small Businesses and Freelancers

Being a small business owner or self-employed is rewarding in many ways. But filing business tax returns is not one of them.  Many small business owners struggle to accurately prepare and file their state and federal taxes returns. Tax software aims to simplify the process of filing business taxes online. It can automatically calculate tax […]

How to Create a Google Alert

Research and mining information is one of the most important ways to grow a business, career, or personal goal. The time it takes to acquire that information is arduous. Multiple searches, and checking back for new information is hard to juggle while working on immediate tasks.  Google Alert allows you to have new information delivered […]

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