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A Conversation with Five IT Executives: User Reviews as a New Strategic Intelligence Tool

Five IT executives discuss how they use reviews to help make product purchase decisions.  More »

Amidst Change in HR Technology Market, Updated Guides Keep Buyers Informed

Amidst change in HR technology market, updated guides keep buyers informed.  More »

ABM Technology: What tools can you use, and where do new tools fit in your stack?

As account-based marketing has continued to catch the attention of practitioners, marketing technology vendors, and the Marketing media, both the supply of and the demand for ABM technology has skyrocketed.   More »

Organizing for ABM: Sales + Marketing + Customer Success Need Joint Strategy, Metrics, & Skills

Interdepartmental alignment underlies all aspects of effective ABM: collaboration on target account lists, measurement, etc. Experts and practitioners weigh in on why Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams will need to work more closely together.

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4 Steps to More Effective B2B Content Marketing

B2B marketing leaders and content marketing experts weigh in on challenges & changes in content marketing at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit.

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ABM Technology, Skills and Lessons Learned: FlipMyFunnel Festival Comes to Austin

On June 7, thought leaders and ABM practitioners will present case studies on ABM technology, skills and lessons learned.  More »

Peer Insights on Building a Sales Stack in 2016

Sales, sales development, and sales ops leaders share peer insights on the sales tools that are most important for their teams.  More »

Designing an SDR Team to Get the Biggest ROI from Specialization

Sales development leaders weigh in on key considerations for building an SDR program and how to get the biggest ROI from specialization.  More »

Sales Leaders Huddle on the Power of Use Case Campaigns in Account-based Strategies

5 Sales and Sales Development leaders discuss the relationship between customer marketing, account targeting, and sales communications.   More »

Trends in MarTech: ABM - The buzz about account-based marketing

Account-based marketing is one of the hottest topics in MarTech right now, and vendors across different categories are rallying around the trend.  More »

Top 10 Social Media Management Software Ultimate Comparison

Evaluate the top ten leading social media management suites with our ultimate feature comparison chart.   More »

Fastest Growing Social Media Management Software for 2016

As we head into 2016, we took a look at trends in the social media management landscape like acquisitions & changes in market awareness.  More »

Cohesity Shakes Up Secondary Storage: Interview With Tiffany To, Head of Marketing at Cohesity

Tiffany To, Head of Marketing at Cohesity, on how the new company is using its founder's expertise around hyper-converged infrastructure in primary storage to take on the problem of secondary storage convergence.

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Leader in Sales Email Tracking Expands Analytics with Prescriptive: Interview with Andrew Archer, VP of Marketing at Yesware

Andrew Archer, VP of Marketing at Yesware, on how Yesware surfaces data for decision making to sales reps and managers and provides tools to take action on those insights. 

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Predictive for ABM: Interview with J.J. Kardwell, President and Co-Founder of EverString

J.J. Kardwell, President and Co-Founder of EverString, orients buyers new to predictive re: the history of the marketplace, EverString’s account-based architecture, and benefits beyond predictive lead scoring.  More »

Evolution of Predictive: Interview with Jamie Grenney, VP of Marketing at Infer

Jamie Grenney, VP of Marketing at Infer, on how predictive is evolving for marketing and sales, and how Infer's new Prospect Management product helps synchronize sales strategy--whether or not a company uses predictive.   More »

CTAs That Will Impact Revenue Process: Interview with Maria Pergolino, VP of Marketing at Apttus

Maria Pergolio, VP of Marketing at Apttus, filled us in on the benefits of Apttus’ Quote-to-Cash solution, which operates behind the scenes on the Salesforce platform. According to Pergolio, users might not even realize that they are using Apttus—and in her eyes, this is a beautiful adaptation of the product. 

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Is Workforce Engagement the New Relationship Marketing?: Interview with Stephan Schmitt, CMO at Lumesse

We spoke to Lumesse CMO Stephan Schmitt about how Lumesse is re-thinking talent management and the importance of building relationships with a skilled workforce. With TalentObjects, Lumesse is shifting the “workforce management” paradigm toward “workforce engagement,” with an emphasis on convenience and consumer-grade usability. The new platform is totally mobile, intuitively modulized, and designed to foster continuous engagement with talent communities. 

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A Central Nervous System for Marketing and Sales: Interview with Alison Murdock, VP of Marketing at 6sense

Predictive Sales Analytics is a relatively new software category, and 6sense is helping to shape the space. We talked with 6sense’s VP of Marketing, Alison Murdock, about how predictive intelligence can keep marketers and salespeople ahead of the game by beefing up the pipeline and giving them insight into the buyers journey. 

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Boutique ESP Focuses on Special Integrations and Deep Personalization: Interview with Igor Polevoy, President of ExpressPigeon

We heard from Igor Polevoy, President of ExpressPigeon, about ExpressPigeon's custom integrations, deep personalization, and unique combination of email marketing and transactional email features--differentiators from competitors like ExactTarget, SendGrid, and MailChimp. Polevoy explains how ExpressPigeon, as a recent entrant in the space, has learned from the limitations and successes of older email service providers (ESPs).   More »