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Application Data Management

Application Data Management Software Overview

What is Application Data Management Software?

Application data management software is related to Master data management (MDM). Master data management (MDM) is a way of managing all critical data from multiple applications in the organization, by linking to a universal or master data file. The master data file is the single point of reference for all critical data flowing through the enterprise. Master data is usually concerned with the most critical entities like people (customers and employees), things (products, parts, assets), places (office locations and divisions), and concepts (warranties, contracts, licenses). However, it does not cover all data within a given enterprise application. Much no-critical data is not managed by these systems.

Hence the need for data management solutions that span a specific application and which manage all data residing within the application. ADM is a way to standardize and govern all application data beyond the subset managed by an MDM solution. 

Application Data Management Products

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