Streaming Analytics: How To Understand A Crowded Marketplace

Streaming Analytics: How to Understand a Crowded Marketplace

First things first: A Definition Streaming analytics is an emerging software space that has gained considerable prominence due to the increasing importance of big data, and specifically the Internet of Things (IoT). But what is it? Streaming analytics software makes it possible to analyze data in real time, as it happens, by plunging into the stream of live data and analyzing it in flux. This is profoundly different from analyzing data at rest. The entire business intelligence space has been working on the data at rest analysis problem for decades and the possible approaches are well understood. But the techniques…

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How To Achieve A Quick Win With BPM Deployment

How to Achieve a Quick win with BPM Deployment

The complexity of traditional Business Process Management (BPM) platforms has often meant that deployment fails to deliver the value originally anticipated - at least in the short term. In addition to complexity, there are very real obstacles to overcome. This is particularly true in terms of helping employees to see process automation as a way to remove time-consuming manual processes. The danger is that employees may find it difficult to abandon a broken process just because “that is the way it has always been done”. For these reasons, it is essential to build some early quick wins to build confidence and…

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From Business Intelligence To Data Science: An Explainer

From Business Intelligence to Data Science: An Explainer

Business Intelligence is Just One Flavor of Analytics Business Intelligence (BI) is a critical tool for understanding what is happening in a business, even if recently it has been somewhat eclipsed by emerging technologies that extend the promise of BI-type analytics far beyond its roots in business reporting and dashboards. Both BI and more recent technologies like data science platforms are predicated on gaining business insight based on data analysis. The primary function of BI tools is to explore past trends in a business’s historical data and compare data across time, or evaluate the impact of certain events on the…

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BI Tools Increasingly Focused On Business User Needs, Says Updated TrustRadius Guide To Business Intelligence Software

BI Tools Increasingly Focused on Business User Needs, Says Updated TrustRadius Guide to Business Intelligence Software

TrustRadius has just published the 2016 Buyer’s Guide to Business Intelligence Software, based on 2,250+ end-user ratings and reviews across 22 BI software products. This is an update to the original guide published in 2014, and is a significant revision containing brand new TrustMapsTM that compare products in the category based on end-user satisfaction ratings and research frequency by prospective buyers on TrustRadius. The guide also contains individual profiles for each of the main vendors and products in the category, advice on how to buy a BI solution, and a discussion of recent trends in the BI market, identifying several trends…

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2016 Peer Insights On Building A Sales Stack

2016 Peer Insights on Building a Sales Stack

  Regarding the state of Sales in 2016, Scott Albro offers this provocative piece of advice: “Companies that figure out how to adopt sales technology and mitigate risk grow a hell of a lot faster than those that don’t.” Albro’s claim—part observation, part promotion—is based on research done by TOPO, a sales process and technology consulting firm where Albro is the CEO. To some extent, this advice is self-serving, since TOPO’s business model involves advising companies about growth strategies that involve technology. However, based on TrustRadius’s independent study of sales tech buyers and users, as well as surveys done by…

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TrustRadius Helps Buyers Navigate The Sales Technology Landscape

TrustRadius Helps Buyers Navigate the Sales Technology Landscape

TrustRadius Research aims to help buyers navigate the sales technology landscape with a new report, featuring expert and user advice on how to build your sales stack in 2016. The report is timely, because of changes underway in the market right now. Vendors are rapidly releasing new and overlapping product functionality, renaming software categories, and attaching themselves to trends and buzzwords in the Sales/Marketing space. At the same time, many businesses are looking to scale their Sales operations by creating specialized high-velocity teams, while automating and optimizing key pieces of the sales process. These initiatives can be supported by technology, so many Sales leaders…

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Interview With Kevin Marasco, CMO At HireVue

Interview with Kevin Marasco, CMO at HireVue

Be sure to check out our new Buyer Blog for the latest B2B blog articles & discussions! We talked to Kevin Marasco, CMO, about how HireVue’s video engagement platform helps recruiters and coaches. Marasco explained that a combination of video interviews and predictive analytics powers performance scoring, based on personality and language attributes. According to Marasco, this allows managers to make data-driven decisions about hiring and coaching.  Introduction to HireVue Give us a brief overview of HireVue. HireVue’s the team acceleration company. We use digital video and predictive analytics to build and coach the world’s best teams. Our purpose is to give…

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Pipeline Insights—No Analytics Needed: Interview With Lara Shackelford, CMO At The TAS Group

Pipeline Insights—No Analytics Needed: Interview with Lara Shackelford, CMO at The TAS Group

11/12/2015 We talked to Lara Shackelford, CMO at The TAS Group, about the Dealmaker platform and The TAS Group’s new product release: Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager. Dealmaker helps sales reps and sales managers better visualize their pipeline, assess sales velocity, and understand risk and trends. Because The TAS Group focuses on strategic sales pipeline management, account targeted selling best practices are built into the software in the form of guided insights and coaching. Dealmaker is built natively on the Salesforce1 platform, which Shackelford explained maximizes accessibility, usability, and security. This is also a differentiator within the marketplace, since pipeline analytics…

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TrustRadius @ Dreamforce: Interview With Shashi Upadhyay, Lattice Engines CEO

TrustRadius @ Dreamforce: Interview with Shashi Upadhyay, Lattice Engines CEO

Lattice Engines’ CEO describes how predictive analytics can transform marketing and sales processes and unclog the B2B funnel. Over the past few years, Lattice Engines worked to achieve a surprisingly fast deployment rate, which continues to be a win-win for customers and company growth.   Can you give us some background on Lattice Engines? What’s your vision? We are pioneers in the predictive marketing and sales space. We were the first company that ever started talking about predictive marketing and sales for B2B. We start with the premise that if you can predict who is going to buy, what they're going…

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Interview With Wayne Eckerson, Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group

Interview with Wayne Eckerson, Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group

Q. What distinguishes an organization that is successful with business intelligence (BI)? A. Successful BI implementations are not just about tools, but are about people and processes. Focusing too soon on tool selection is not going to provide the best result. A BI project is not a one-shot thing, but is a journey that takes time and patience. Data is extremely valuable, but hard to manage. Companies that want to reap the value of data need to treat it as a critical asset and resource and adopt a systematic, rigorous approach to managing it. To succeed, BI projects need a strong leader…

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Interview With Barry Devlin: BI Consultant, Author & Speaker

Interview with Barry Devlin: BI Consultant, Author & Speaker

Be sure to check out our new Buyer Blog for the latest B2B blog articles & discussions! TR: What distinguishes an organization that is successful with business intelligence (BI)? BD: The important thing to remember is that it's usually not about tools, and is more likely to be about organizational maturity and the ability to get decisions made and get things done. Many organizations I encounter are somewhat internally dysfunctional and this ability to get things done is weak or even non-existent. TR: What steps should an organization take to establish a BI program or strategy? BD: I prefer to work on larger enterprise-wide programs where organizations…

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Cloud BI, Visualization, And Predictive Analytics Likely To Be Fastest Growing BI Tools In 2015

Cloud BI, Visualization, and Predictive Analytics Likely to Be Fastest Growing BI Tools in 2015

We've recently asked BI users about their Business Intelligence software usage and spend in our 2015 Business Intelligence Survey. The results indicate that BI continues to be a strategic area of focus and investment for companies of all sizes. While intent to invest is highest amongst small and mid-size companies, large companies will invest more in areas like Cloud BI, Data Discovery and Visualization, and Big Data. Most companies will continue to use multiple tools in tandem with each other rather than look to a one-size-fits-all solution; if anything the number of distinct BI tools used is likely to increase. In…

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3 Strategic Tips To Unleash The Power Of Self-Service BI Tools

3 Strategic Tips to Unleash the Power of Self-Service BI Tools

Traditional reporting tools are primarily a product of the past.  Sure, some of these tools have a nice application for operational reporting needs. But we’re seeing more frequently that many of these operational reporting features are being built into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems directly. With the growth in computing power, ERP systems can often handle the operational reporting load and therefore do not require separate reporting systems for operational needs.  This may not be the case with larger organizations. Take Workday for example.  This product has fantastic reporting capabilities built into the ERP directly.  Both the reports and the product are…

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Top 10 Fastest Growing BI Software Products In 2014

Top 10 Fastest Growing BI Software Products in 2014

An estimated $14 billion is spent on business intelligence (BI) software each year. Last year, the market grew more than 8 percent, with certain segments like Cloud BI growing much faster. ­It is also attracting a lot of investment capital. BI software companies Domo, Thoughtspot, Birst, GoodData, Looker and Tidemark raised over $200 million in investment capital in 2014 alone. Business Intelligence software is also an extremely popular category on TrustRadius. Unique page views for BI software products – a measure for how many people are running evaluations – grew 16 percent from Q2 to Q3. While page views are not an absolute representation…

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Salesforce Wave Makes A Splash In The $14B Business Intelligence Space

Salesforce Wave Makes a Splash in the $14B Business Intelligence Space

Salesforce announced its entry into Business Intelligence (BI) software market at Dreamforce in October with the launch of Salesforce Analytics Cloud, also known as Salesforce Wave. At TrustRadius, we pride ourselves on sharing the end-user perspective. In the case of Wave, it’s been impossible to track down any beta users, so we’re offering our own perspectives and those of market participants we interviewed. What is Wave? Wave is a completely new cloud platform for Salesforce—joining the Sales, Community, Marketing, and Service Clouds.  It is a “full-stack” cloud BI solution with strong discovery/visualization capabilities aimed at business users, and designed so that operational staff…

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Business Intelligence For Small Business

Business Intelligence for Small Business

InsightSquared raises $13.5m Series C Round to further develop SMB Business Intelligence offering InsightSquared provides business intelligence software to SMBs, with a particular strength in dashboards and pipeline analysis for the Salesforce platform. Hot on the heels of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud announcement last month, and following funding announcements by a number of new BI entrants like Domo, ThoughtSpot, Tidemark, and Looker earlier this year, this funding provides further evidence that the BI market is red hot. This new infusion of cash brings the total raised by InsightSquared over its four-year lifespan to $27m. The company has been growing quickly, doubling…

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