‘Tis The Season To Sell: Some Ecommerce Tips For Holiday Marketing

‘Tis the Season to Sell: Some Ecommerce Tips for Holiday Marketing

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling, and all the other usual signs of changing seasons are upon us. In short, winter is coming, and the holiday shopping surge is coming along with it. Deloitte’s annual holiday season forecast predicts that retail sales could exceed $1.10 trillion in the 2018 holiday season. Essentially, ecommerce is a key player in this story. It plays an ever-larger role from year to year, with online holiday sales this year expected to rise 22% over 2017’s season. That translates to an expected sum of $134 billion in ecommerce alone. What’s more difficult to…

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The State Of Social Media Marketing In 2018 And Beyond

The State of Social Media Marketing in 2018 and Beyond

With 2019 looming, 2018's digital marketing landscape has seen trends that picked up in 2017 gain even more momentum. Video content, influencer marketing, outreach on social channels, augmented reality, SEO, and data-driven advertising strategies continue to be leading tools of choice for savvy brand-builders.   Predictions can be dicey. If there’s one constant in our technology-saturated times, it’s that the changes keep coming—often in unforeseen ways. We’ve got enough of 2018 behind us to make a few educated guesses about the trajectory of social media marketing in 2019. So saddle up for a tour of current trends and coming attractions. The…

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Next Level Organic Marketing: Cutting Edge Marketing Tools To Slice Through The Noise

Next Level Organic Marketing: Cutting Edge Marketing Tools to Slice Through the Noise

If your business is growing, you are most likely doing something right when it comes to marketing. You have your marketing automation and weekly blog posts down, your social media posts are all duly scheduled, and your PPC ads are set in place. But where do you go from there? Soon enough, you may be scraping the bottom of the barrel unless you are willing to invest in cutting-edge marketing tools that can bring your brand deeper into organic marketing. It is time to take your digital marketing to the next level. “Creating content is not enough. Rather, you need…

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The What, Why, Where, And How Of Affiliate Marketing: An Introductory Guide

The What, Why, Where, and How of Affiliate Marketing: An Introductory Guide

Wrapping your head around the new normal in the marketing industry means working your way through a branching tree of innovations. The long list includes social media outreach; leveraging video with different audiences in different settings; the latest tricks and tools of search engine optimization (SEO); influencer marketing; high-tech business analytics and other data-driven advertising tools; and more. Another item that belongs on our list is affiliate marketing. The term refers to the practice of earning income from marketing someone else’s brand, services, or products on their behalf. If it sounds like a golden ticket to financial success, there’s a…

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10 Marketing Lessons From Apple

10 Marketing Lessons from Apple

When it comes to sleek eye-catching print ads or TV commercials that make you want to dance, Apple has dominated the advertisement game. Their marketing campaigns have proved to be memorable, successful, and always seem to leave songs stuck in your head. These advertisements, however, are merely just the surface of their entire marketing strategy. Their strategy is one that runs deep, highlighting the product itself, not how to purchase it. Lessons to Learn from Apple There are many lessons to be learned from Apple’s unique approach to content and marketing. Their success does not just come from driving sales…

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The Top 14 B2B Blogs You Should Be Following

The Top 14 B2B Blogs You Should Be Following

In an age where inbound marketing has taken over, it is almost impossible to find a software or influencer who does not have a blog. It’s basically a requirement just to be on the Internet. When blogs abound, it can be difficult to sort through blogs that are merely throwing keywords at you and the gems that can actually inspire an ‘ah-ha’ moment. Some of the best blogs out there can help you grow your business exponentially. The B2B community has a wealth of information on digital marketing, SEO, modern sales techniques, and more. To access this information, we have…

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How To Craft An Event Marketing Plan

How to Craft an Event Marketing Plan

It’s a big question and if you find yourself in league with many marketers, one that is important to understand. A recent study conducted by Bizzabo found that 80% of c-suite executives believe that live events are crucial to their organization’s success. In this blog post we’ll walk you the various stages of event marketing and what it means for your brand. What is Event Marketing? Event marketing goes by many different names, including field marketing, experiential marketing, in-person marketing, and live event marketing. Whether it’s a thousand-person customer conference, an intimate VIP dinner for prospects, a street-side donut booth…

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The Impact Of Mobile On B2B Customers

The Impact of Mobile on B2B Customers

The adoption of mobile device usage since 2011 is nothing short of a revolution. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 95% of Americans own a cell phone and 77% own smartphones. This is up from 35% in 2011. As our comfort with cell phones increases, so does our dependency. This past March, Pew reported that 26% of American adults go online “almost constantly” up from 21% in 2015. The vast majority of us (77%) go online daily, with 43% going online several times a day and 8% going online about once a day. Wide mobile adoption crosses multiple…

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The Online Marketing Guide For B2C Facebook Ads

The Online Marketing Guide for B2C Facebook Ads

In this guide, we’ll give you insights on how to use Facebook to market your brand to a consumer audience. As the world’s most popular social network, and one that offers many tools for advertisers to personalize and measure their campaigns, Facebook is a powerful way for you to reach consumers. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Facebook Ads. Why is Facebook a Good Tool for B2C marketing? Social Ads are a quick, effective, and inexpensive mode of reaching potential clients through highly personalized messages. Thanks to social networks’ large user data storage, social ads hold…

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A Guide To Social Influencer Marketing In B2B

A Guide to Social Influencer Marketing in B2B

Influencer marketing isn’t just for the B2C space. It makes sense in any industry where at least one person has become notable and respected for their knowledge, contributions, and insights. In fact, it would be difficult to find a niche where influencers weren’t making their mark. By successfully using influencers, you can increase trust with your target audience, make your content more appealing, and give your audience a person they can relate to. The latter may be the most important, because people tend to form relationships with brands not businesses. By having a respected person act as an ambassador or…

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What’s The Difference Between SEO And SEM?

What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and SEM stands for search engine marketing. So what’s the difference between the two? SEO experts focus on generating traffic and leads through organic search whereas SEM experts aim to generate traffic and leads through organic and paid search. When it comes to practicing SEO and SEM, it’s not an either/or -- SEM actually includes SEO tactics. Still confused? Don't worry, it can often sound like jibberish! We’ll explain what both SEO and SEM experts do, rather than soley their differences, to help paint the picture for you.  What does an SEO expert do?…

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Understanding Content Marketing: How The 80/20 Rule Can Get You More From Your Content

Understanding Content Marketing: How the 80/20 Rule Can Get You More from Your Content

Content marketing is a pretty widely interpreted and applied marketing term. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a “strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Due to the broad definition of content marketing, it’s not uncommon to see many campaigns fail. I’m here to tell you that understanding content marketing and the results that it can drive can be as simple as a ratio. Specifically, an 80:20 ratio. The Pareto Principle & How It’s Related to…

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A Guide To Social Listening: The Key To An Effective Social Media Strategy

A Guide to Social Listening: The Key to an Effective Social Media Strategy

Are you dialed in to what people are saying about your company, brand, or industry? Perhaps you’ve conducted some focus groups and you try to stay up-to-date on industry journals, but the best way to find out what consumers really think about your industry -- what they love, where their pain points are -- is by engaging in social listening. Social listening is monitoring and responding to conversations that are naturally occurring about your brand. For instance, recently the actress, Kristen Bell, wrote a letter to the pasta company, Banza, to express how much she liked their pasta. Banza responded by…

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The Complete Guide To A/B Testing & False Positives

The Complete Guide to A/B Testing & False Positives

Whether you’re a digital marketer, a savvy entrepreneur, or a website owner trying to boost your site's conversions, there’s no doubt A/B testing has at one point been a high priority. And if terms like “statistical confidence” or “test variants” leave you feeling confused, it’s time to put yourself on a path towards clarity, and confidence. In this article, we’ve broken down the different parts to A/B testing and the key components to look out for. This information will help you take tactical steps towards improving conversion rates, and ultimately, your bottom line. Now doesn’t that sound like a nice…

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Tips For A Successful Social CRM Strategy And What Tools To Consider

Tips for a Successful Social CRM Strategy and What Tools to Consider

You already know you need to meet your customers on their turf: social media. But successfully engaging them isn’t as simple as creating an account across every platform and shooting outbound posts into a void. Nowadays, your social media needs to be a customer service nerve center, sensitive to every mention of your brand, as well as a tool used to aggregate data about customers so you can learn what they really want. That’s where social customer relationship management comes in. Your social media efforts shouldn’t be detached from your overall customer engagement strategy. Marketing, sales, and support all have…

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MarTech 2017: As Technology & Best Practices Change, Collaboration Helps Marketers Succeed

MarTech 2017: As Technology & Best Practices Change, Collaboration Helps Marketers Succeed

MarTech 2017--the annual conference for senior-level marketing, IT, and digital executives and experts at the intersection of marketing, technology, and customer experience--is fast approaching. At the conference, Scott Brinker will unveil his updated MarTech landscape, ushering marketers into the latest wave of marketing technology innovations. Last year’s landscape showed 3,874 marketing technology solutions, almost twice as many as the previous year. You can check out his pre-release of the 2017 Marketing Automation category here; this piece of the landscape alone is up 36% from the 2016 version. In preparation for this year’s conference, which takes place in San Francisco May 9-11, TrustRadius talked…

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4 Steps To More Effective B2B Content Marketing

4 Steps to More Effective B2B Content Marketing

B2B marketing leaders and content marketing experts weigh in on challenges & changes in content marketing at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. They said content marketers should take action to improve their efforts and maximize content ROI, and shared tips for making Marketing messages more strategic, more relevant, more profitable, and more accessible. The State of Content Marketing in 2016 Content Marketing Programs Have Been Adopted But Are Still Immature Content marketing has grown in popularity as an inbound tactic for B2B marketers. The strategy involves using content to attract, engage, retain, and grow a brand audience by providing helpful information about topics that…

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ABM Technology, Skills And Lessons Learned: FlipMyFunnel Festival Comes To Austin

ABM Technology, Skills and Lessons Learned: FlipMyFunnel Festival Comes to Austin

The FlipMyFunnel festival makes its way to TrustRadius home base Austin, Texas next month for a day of ABM-themed sessions, including high-level thought leadership and practical case studies to help attendees “challenge the status quo of B2B marketing and sales.” What is #FlipMyFunnel? #FlipMyFunnel is a movement started by Sangram Vajre, the co-founder and CMO of Terminus, which is an ABM tool that serves ads via mobile, social, display, video and direct mail and provides account-level revenue attribution. The movement, which has gained support from vendors and practitioners across multiple software categories, proposes to reverse the traditional marketing funnel that passes a large…

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Trends In MarTech: Content – Less Crap, Better Sales And Marketing Alignment, And Of Course, Personalization

Trends in MarTech: Content – Less crap, better Sales and Marketing alignment, and of course, personalization

Content plays a role throughout the buyer’s journey. Content marketing, which is the strategy of creating and distributing useful and relevant content to attract the right audience, is often seen as classic top-of-the-funnel, awareness stage content. Mid-funnel content might be focused on nurturing and demand generation, whereas content for sales enablement, which is the practice of equipping salespeople with the information, assets, technology and best practices needed to sell more effectively, is often seen as bottom-of-the-funnel, conversion stage content. TrustRadius talked to several vendors exhibiting at MarTech who focus on one or more stages of content use. In general, these vendors…

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Trends In MarTech: Analytics – What Stops Marketers From Being Truly Data-Driven?

Trends in MarTech: Analytics – What Stops Marketers From Being Truly Data-Driven?

  This year’s MarTech Conference was abuzz with talk about how to enable agile marketing. The short answer? With data. Marketing thought leaders and exhibiting vendors debated what it means to be a data-driven marketer--what type of data helps your marketing strategy, what too much data looks like, and how marketers can use technology to more effectively manage and operationalize data insights. The Marketer's Data Dilemma One group of vendors, in particular, evangelized the importance of real-time data, comprehensive cross-channel dashboards, ROI attribution, and actionable insights made accessible to Marketing without intervention from the data scientists. BrightFunnel, Bizible, Beckon, Datorama, Allocadia, Origami Logic, Impact Radius, and Full…

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