Sales Technology Landscape

TrustRadius Helps Buyers Navigate the Sales Technology Landscape

TrustRadius Research aims to help buyers navigate the sales technology landscape with a new report, featuring expert and user advice on how to build your sales stack in 2016.

The report is timely, because of changes underway in the market right now. Vendors are rapidly releasing new and overlapping product functionality, renaming software categories, and attaching themselves to trends and buzzwords in the Sales/Marketing space. At the same time, many businesses are looking to scale their Sales operations by creating specialized high-velocity teams, while automating and optimizing key pieces of the sales process.

These initiatives can be supported by technology, so many Sales leaders are looking to invest in new software for their sales teams this year. Scott Brinker, Editor of, commented, “Sales technology has lagged a bit behind MarTech in terms of development and adoption but it is quickly catching up, and 2016 may very well be the Year of the Sales Stack.”

The visual below combines different ways to look at sales tech products-by user role, function/stage of the sales process, and vendor offerings–which are not usually presented together. This comprehensive view, excerpted from the TrustRadius Research study, allows buyers to get a better sense of which products do what for who, and which vendors offer solutions spanning multiple areas of the funnel. Click anywhere on the image to access the full report.

2016 Sales Technology Landscape

Emily Sue Tomac

Emily Sue Tomac is Research Manager at TrustRadius, where she studies reviews, the buying process, and buyers themselves. Her research aims to arm people buying software at work with the tools and information they need to work better, smarter, and easier. She's on a mission to tell their stories, and drive change in how software is bought and sold. Prior to joining TrustRadius, Emily Sue worked on research in linguistics and the digital humanities.

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