The 5 Biggest Challenges That HR Software Users Face Today

November 18th, 2019 6 min read

Buying new HR software can be challenging – how do you begin to go about finding the right product that meets all of your business’s needs?

Read through this list of the top five HR software challenges that professionals face today based on a survey of HR professionals we conducted. Also, see our suggestions on how to make better-informed purchasing decisions.

The Top 5 HR Software Challenges That Users Face

If you are an HR professional who has had some difficulty finding the right HR Management software, you are not alone. According to our latest survey, more than 68% of HR software users agree that it’s difficult to find the right software.

So which HR software challenges are professionals struggling with the most, and where do you start?

Read through the five main challenges that HR software users face today and see our tips on how to resolve them, to find the right product for your organization:

#1 Application and system limitations

Although no HR software is perfect, it is crucial that you have a list prepared of your expectations of the product and its application, so that you can address any limitations that the software may have when implemented within your organization. The HR software users that we surveyed highlighted many instances of disappointment due to application and system limitations, like integration and reporting. You may want to consider asking yourself the following questions when considering an HR software:

  • How easy is it to customize the product’s features?
  • How well are the product’s modules integrated?
  • Will the product provide and/or support all of the reports that your organization will need?

#2 Customer service and support

It can sometimes be difficult to anticipate what the customer service of your HR software will be like until after you’ve already made the purchase of a product. However, it is imperative that you have some understanding of what types of customer support your software vendor provides so that you are not left unsatisfied and upset soon thereafter. 

Try to get clear information about this issue from your vendor, first and foremost, then, read reviews and work to talk with other HR software users about their experience of the types of support a vendor provides after a sale.

#3 Internal issues

According to the HR professionals that we surveyed, getting everyone at a company involved and on the same page when purchasing new HR software is important. Internal organizational issues like coordination and implementation, which we will cover below, make this a top challenge among HR software users today. 

By having open communication and a plan on how to confront any personnel or technical issues within your organization, you can avoid this matter.

#4 Implementation

Once internal issues in a company are resolved, the next concern that many HR professionals confront is the actual implementation of the product itself across the organization. Whether it is getting information from a former product and putting it into your new HR software, or having the software implemented without an understanding of your team’s needs, the implementation of the product is a frequent challenge for HR software users. In one user’s experience, the biggest challenge was: 

Project management and change within the company itself during implementation. The product is great and the support teams they give you are great too. It’s coordination internally that will cause the most stress.

Fortunately, by reading reviews of the product and by asking your vendor direct questions about the implementation duration, support and any other organizational needs, you can plan for this challenge and set more realistic expectations for yourself and your team.

#5 Learning curves

Although most HR software will have a learning curve, knowing what resources, like trainings, will be available to you and your organization once a product is purchased is vital. The HR professionals that we surveyed communicated that they often experienced some type of difficulty with the features of their software and how important it is to have access to online courses and trainings to shrink the learning curve thereafter.

You can plan for this challenge by being aware of all the resources that your HR software offers after you’ve purchased the product, as well as reading reviews and talking to your vendor about any learning resources and trainings that they may offer.

You can learn more about which HR software products could be right for you and your team in our “Buyer’s Guide to HR Management Software,” which highlights information from 5,235 ratings and reviews published on TrustRadius, as well as 212 additional survey responses from end-users about the buying process.

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