Card Issuance Software

Best Card Issuance Software include:

Marqeta, Card@Once, Datacard CardWizard, and BadgePass TotalCard.

Card Issuance Software Overview

What is Card Issuance Software?

Card issuance software is used to generate ID cards and payment cards. The software enables banks and financial institutions to instantly issue credit or bank cards to customers on-site. This allows bank customers to update their data without waiting to receive a new card. Also, new bank account holders may have instant access to their funds.

Additionally card issuance software may be offered with or ancillary to visitor management systems. In this case the software is used to generate passcards or ID cards to guests entering a secure locations and events.

Features of Card Issuance Software

Card issuance software provides the following capabilities:
  • Instantly generate a payment card
  • Instantly generate ID card
  • Smart card issuance
  • Build custom applications for specialized cards
  • Maintain centralized control of issued cards
  • Integrated fraud protection, card recall controls

Card Issuance Products

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CPI Card Group headquartered in Littleton offers Card@Once, a card issuance application.
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Marqeta headquartered in Oakland offers a wide range of card issuance and payment card solutions for enterprise. Marqeta provides the infrastructure and tools for building configurable payment cards, and with its open API platform Marqeta is designed to allow developers to manage payment cards, as w…
NBS Xpressi
NBS Technologies offers Xpressi instant card issuance software application.
FSS Card Management Suite
FSS (Financial Software & Services) headquartered in Chennai offers the FSS Card Management Suite, providing financial card lifecycle management from pre- to post- card issuance.
Datacard Adaptive Issuance
Entrust Datacard offers the Datacard Adaptive Issuance card issuance software suite.
HID Integrale
HID Global offers the Integrale software application suite supporting identity card generation, issuance, and management.
ID Flow
Jolly Technologies offers ID Flow, an ID card security creation, issuance and management application.
NBS SmartSys
NBS Technologies supports instant card issuance with SmartSys, a machine control application supporting instant generation of personalized credit cards.
MagTek headquartered in Seal Beach offers, a cloud-based card issuance software platform for financial institutions.
Fiserv Instant Issue Advantage
Fiserv's Instant Issue Advantage and Instant Issue Advantage: Equipment allows financial institutions to offer fast, in-branch personalization and issuance of permanent debit, credit, ATM, EMV chip, gift and photo cards.
PremiSys ID
PremiSys ID from PDC IDenticard, a Brady Corporation company, is an ID card and badge solution.
BadgePass Identity Manager
BadgePass Identity Manager is the company's ID badging software.
Fiserv Chip Card Advantage
Fiserv's Chip Card Advantage offers a what is designed as a fully integrated, compliant, cost-effective path to EMV debit and credit card issuance, EMV processing and ATM EMV acceptance.
Synapse (formerly SynapseFi)
Synapse (formerly SynapseFi), from the company of the same name in San Francisco, si a white-label banking API, providing solutions for card issuance, payments, and account set up.
BadgePass TotalCard
BadgePass TotalCard is a campus ID card solution, supporting student meal plans, badging and access control, PoS functionality, as well as event tracking and integration with the campus' SIS.
HID TRISM Financial Instant Issuance (Fii) Software
HID Global offers the HID TRISM Financial Instant Issuance (Fii) card issuance software application.
Datacard CardWizard
Entrust Datacard offers the CardWizard card issuance application for credit card generation.