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Adobe Media Optimizer

I think it is good to keep in mind the type of business application you have in mind when selecting Media Optimizer for your company. For us, as an agency, it makes sense for us to utilize the reporting and paid search optimizing portions for our clients as we manage over 300+ clients PPC campaigns. With this tool it is possible to set up campaigns easily and as long as the parameters are set correctly within the portfolio, there is a great opportunity for the tool to do its job and use the simulation/modeling process to run and grow a paid search campaign with ease of human interaction.
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  • The implementation process is very streamlined as far as single site implementation. Once installed and your desired tracking metrics are rolling in. It is easy for you to build your portfolios to be modeled to achieve these goals and do it in the most efficient way.
  • The reporting aspect of the program also is one of its greatest benefits. No longer do you have to base the success of a paid search campaign on blurry metrics like CTR and SERP rankings. Media optimizer gives you the ability to track complete conversions all the way back to the paid ad that resulted in conversion, as well as the keyword that was searched.
  • Before the actual optimization process begins, and the dollars start being spent, there is a period of learning for the tool that allows it to conduct hypothetical, but statistical based modeling that allows you to see what sort of optimization to expect before turning on the tool and spending actual budget.
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  • Initial code implementation can be difficult, depending on the size and style of the website you are trying to implement it on. Use of the new Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager can make this project significantly easier.
  • We experienced difficulty initially when we were hard coding the javascript onto the site while others were making website changes and this sometimes resulted in data inaccuracies.
  • The process from inception to actually getting your website actually up and running with the optimizer engine can be lengthy, especially when doing several sites concurrently. For smaller applications I can see this taking a much shorter time frame, but can be quite time consuming for multiple websites.
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Likelihood to Renew

Adobe Media Optimizer1.8
Based on 2 answers
It has performed well above our expectations and has given us the time we'd be better off spending on building new strategies and customer development, over manual PPC campaign management. The ROI far exceeds what we could have promised on our own with many clients and we wouldn't want to give up that kind of almost guaranteed ROI for our clients.
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Adobe Media Optimizer9.0
Based on 1 answer
It definitely takes some instruction to get to be able to use the system. One would struggle trying to get it to work without any previous experience with it. If you are famailiar with the interface it is actually quite fast and easy to maneuver around.
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Adobe Media Optimizer7.2
Based on 2 answers
Customer support is very hands on and the Adobe team pulls from what ever department of expertise to get the problems solve quickly and efficiently
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Adobe Media Optimizer8.0
Based on 1 answer
It was difficult initially, but the implementation of the Dynamic Tag Manager was a big help and timesaver.
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Alternatives Considered

We have only gone with the Adobe Media Optimizer, as it seemed the most appropriate tool for what we wanted to use it for and offered an optimization tool as well as a reporting platform that others didn't. We took into account the abilities of Marin software and Navis, but none could offer the benefits that AMO could
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Return on Investment

  • Increase in the margins of spending and profit.
  • Allows us to make decisions based on statistics and percentages given by the simulations and not in simple intuitions or advice from third parties.
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Adobe Media Optimizer

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