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Aspect Workforce Management

I would say Aspect is less appropriate with smaller businesses or businesses with a smaller amount of clients. Aspect is really useful if you have a lot of customers and employees as you have to schedule the employee breaks and time off around the business needs. A lot of smaller businesses don't need that ability since they might not have the demanding customers like a lot of larger companies would have.
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  • easy and quick to use- you don't have to waste hours explaining how to use WFM with your employees
  • reliable- multiple employees can be making changes and testing staffing changes without the site crashing
  • easy to balance employee scheduling with your business needs
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  • workforce app seems a little outdated and could be improved
  • more room for customization- not necessary but employees like to have a little creative outlet so it could be good to allow changes to the dashboard look
  • removing the requests from the inbox is a little time consuming- you have to delete each request manually one by one, there isn't a way to batch delete them
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Likelihood to Renew

Aspect Workforce Management8.5
Based on 6 answers
I do not currently use the product. My clients do and it is a good tool if you use it the right way.
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Aspect Workforce Management8.0
Based on 1 answer
Once the initial set up of the software is complete and/or you are familiar with the software, it is easy to use and runs like a dream. However, if you are unfamiliar with the software or have used a competitor's product, some features can seem difficult to learn or get used to.
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Aspect Workforce Management8.0
Based on 1 answer
I was impressed with the support I received. There were never any long delays when I had issues and the representatives that I worked with were always patient and eager to fully understand not only my problem but our business processes surrounding the problem.
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Aspect Workforce Management9.0
Based on 1 answer
Implementation of the software was not difficult but it was tedious for us due to the fact that our processes had not kept up with the times and we had to make a large number of process changes along with setting up the software.
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Alternatives Considered

One of the primary reason why we selected Aspect eWFM solution was because of the scenario based modeling functionality. In other solutions (such as IEX, Blue Pumpin..etc) this functionality is not available. In our industry it was critical to be able to use scenario based modeling and quickly react the call volume spikes.
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Return on Investment

  • The workforce management team was able to decrease the cycle time forecasting, staffing and scheduling staff; resulted in higher employee engagement
  • The scenario based planning enabled us to develop a more accurate call volume forecast thus staffing the contact centers appropriately; approximately $500k savings realized in labor expenses (reduced FTE headcount, while meeting the same level of service level measures)
  • Improved customer experience due to staffing the call center properly (answered 80 percent of our calls within 20 seconds)
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Aspect Workforce Management

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