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4 Ratings
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Bambu has been helpful to shift our culture from one of reluctance and fear related to social media to one of acceptance.
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  • Ease of use. It creates a user-friendly experience that allows employees to understand and share.
  • Customer support & feedback.
  • Understanding the power of social media and building their tool around its use.
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  • Currently Bambu only supports LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - would be nice to see other social platforms in the mix.
  • Story editing tool is pure WYSIWYG, would like to be able to see an "edit text/html" feature.
  • Would like to be able to customize HTML email template (for digest, newsletter, etc email templates) to our brand specs
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Alternatives Considered

Location, understanding of social media as a field (particularly their tie to Sprout Social) and user experience.
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Return on Investment

  • The social amplification effects of our employees sharing brand content helped us achieve a 400% increase in website visits following our re-brand.
  • With some "Executive nudging" when we announced that Bambu would be used as our internal comms tool, and that we would only be sharing real-time updates via the mobile apps push notifications, we were able to double the # of employees who use the App in addition to the desktop application. Mobile users aside, another positive side effect of using Bambu as an internal comms tool is that it exposes users (the non-social butterflies who don't like to share) to all other content that has been curated into the system and has helped garner more social impressions.
  • The majority of our employees come from the BabyBoom/Gen X generation and didn't come of age in the world of social media, which has presented some challenges in user adoption rates.
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