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67 Ratings
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From my experience with multiple social listening tools, Brandwatch Analytics strikes a decent balance in measurement and analysis. Many other tools only address one of these needs. Measurement in the sense that they provide specific data points (likes, comments, shares, follower count, etc.), and analysis in the sense that you can custom define trends within your topic (with tags and categories), filter by dozens of different variables, and can drill down to explain the "why?".


  • Twitter coverage is very strong, which provides for accurate data and flexible measurement capabilities. Data sets include follower count, following count, replies, and retweets which sample data points that are not always available in other platform unless you are authorized as the owner of the channel.
  • The entire platform is robust yet flexible. There are advanced Boolean operators that can be used to create complex queries. Then, when ready to analyze the data, the dashboards provide an almost endless way of filtering, categorizing, tagging, drilling down into, slicing, and dicing the data however you need to see it to answer your business problem.
  • Customer service has always been timely and interactions are positive. They can usually solve a problem or at least give you a response to let you know they are working on an issue well within 24 hours.


  • Instagram data coverage is not very strong. Though there are industry-wide hurdles in tracking data on Instagram, there are competitors that have proven more accurate than Brandwatch.
  • Many larger, more broad queries return a lot of junk or spam posts. Customer service can help with filtering these out with common "NOT" operator phrases. However, some competitors do a better job on the back end to make sure you never see as much as the spam to begin with.
  • Monthly data limits are a con if your work requires a lot of ad hoc projects and it's hard to project the monthly volume you will need.

Likelihood to Renew

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Brandwatch is a simple tool that is easy to learn and understand. Without any rigorous training, the team can learn to use it and interpret the results in an efficient manner. It saves a lot of work and helps the team to focus on other important time consuming tasks. I would like to continue using Brandwatch.


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I've invited quite a few of my colleagues to try Brandwatch, and all of them were able to use its features with no assistance, and most of these had never used a social listening/monitoring tool before, or even a digital analytics tool! Brandwatch is not only easy to use, but filters, widgets, menus and other options are in intuitive places - it just works


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I've never had to recur to any "extra" support, as Brandwatch have always been at hand whenever I needed a hand. That aside, Brandwatch always lets me know whenever something goes wrong, so I don't have to leave it to guesswork. That said, I've only had something going wrong just once in over one year, so my level of satisfaction is pretty high.

Online Training

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good knowledge, great tips, although the program seems a bit disconnected. It could improve it they create more free webinars and a good content calendar and tackle little topics in each webinar.Their trainers are top notch and they know a lot about the tool but they fall a bit low on technical level understanding of how the tool actually works


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Not that I can think of.

Alternatives Considered

I selected Brandwatch because of positive reviews. Haven't used other software.

Return on Investment

  • Better statistics provided a direction for further research
  • Saved time by generating quick results
  • Easy to use



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