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Bubble Innovator

No stage gate or portfolio reporting solution can overcome poor input data. The organization has to be willing to commit to consistent and rigorous updates of the information, or the reporting becomes useless. From what I've seen of competitive systems, Bubble Innovator is the easiest to use in this regard, so the excuse of not having good data because it's painful to upload or cumbersome to retrieve goes away. And the ease with which you can produce customized reports allows you to immediately find the gaps and weak points in your data, and take action to address them. That's not to say that every report and function in Bubble Innovator is perfect. But the close collaboration and responsiveness of the Bubble Innovation team has made it relatively easy to triage, prioritize, and implement improvements along the way.
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  • Innovator is easily configured around your exisiting processes and requires little or no training so you are up and running very quickly
  • Innovator focusses on the practical challenges that almost all companies face in managing Portfolios of New Product Development projects - a one stop shop for all project & portfolio data, real time reporting, scenario modelling to support portfolio decision making.
  • Users are attracted by the ease of use and visual format of the tool.
  • Our internal IT group love it -it's provided by the Bubble Group as Software as a Service (hosted by Amazon), this means vitually no internal IT support is required
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  • Parent-child functionality. However we are currently working with Bubble to develop this and find a solution to our needs.
  • Limited timeline capability.
  • Sometimes the speed is slow - however I think this is related to our internet connection.
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Likelihood to Renew

Bubble Innovator9.1
Based on 3 answers
Bubble Innovator is a great strategic tool for the organization to use to help make our decisions.
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Bubble Innovator8.2
Based on 1 answer
The user interface is highly visual and simple. Literally within 10-15 minutes of my introduction to the software, I was up and running. Of course, deeper capabilities become apparent after additional use, but the basic functionality is very simple to grasp. Where there are consistent challenges reported by multiple users, the Bubble Innovation team is quick to connect and put plans in place to address the challenges.
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Bubble Innovator9.1
Based on 2 answers
I've mentioned it already in this review, but this is really a strength of Bubble Innovator. The team is highly engaged in helping solve challenges to make their customer's lives easier.
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Bubble Innovator8.1
Based on 2 answers
The number of variables made this extremely challenging (org changes, stage gate harmonization, pipeline prioritization, and new governance model). I think the implementation was handled very well in spite of this, and managed to deliver on time and on budget.
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Alternatives Considered

Agile PPM is modules-based on the agile spec system. It is more task-based, whereas Bubble Innovator is outcome-based. As a business, we needed something very simple to slowly get the teams used to using this type of software and also allowing for empowerment as opposed to hand-holding of team members.Innovator is also very easy to use and understand, unlike Agile. With the Bubble Innovator team, we were able to configure the system to how we wanted it, plus have great support all the way through the process and even now that we are live, including when we wanted to change things! Our relationship with the Bubble team was also why we chose it.
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Return on Investment

  • With financials being included in each SKU, it has lead us to be more finance focused and aware of what projects are more profitable than others.
  • It has given us a better oversight of what everyone is working on and the SKUs in our portfolio - allowed us to allocate resources more efficiently.
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Bubble Innovator

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