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9 Ratings
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Burp Suite

I will say that Burp Suite and or Burp Suite Pro are REQUIRED for any web application penetration test. While there are other tools out there that are similar, none have the range of abilities and tool set that Burp has. Burp suite also makes it easy to use. Everything is laid out in a manner that facilitates efficiency and ease of use.
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  • Intercepts web/browser traffic.
  • Pro version has a very useful scanner.
  • Has a variety of tools and add-ons.
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  • One gripe I have, and this may be because its built for applications/browsers, is that it doesn't handle other traffic. I would love to see burp move towards a full Man in the middle tool
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Alternatives Considered

Burp Suite stacks up fairly well against these other two products both of which are quite expensive to license. The best other product I would suggest is OWASP Zed Attack Proxy or ZAP. It performs quite well and the cost of the product is free. ZAP is an Open Source product. If, however, you do not want to use an open source product I would either go with Burp Suite or look into the more expensive Rapid7 AppSpider.
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Return on Investment

  • Burp Suite is a decent tool for the price and many security testers know how to use it. Considering some DAST tools cost 10 of thousands of dollars a year to get a license for and they do not do any better at scanning a website than Burp Suite if is a good investment.
  • Burp Suite has many training videos and tutorials available on the Internet. Testers are good for training your staff on how to use the tool.
  • Burp Suite needs to improve their support for testers website attacks. Not completing successfully is not a good option after a few hours of running.
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Burp Suite

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