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40 Ratings
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If you are using an eCommerce site, then ClickTale is invaluable. Planning a large redesign? Designers are often earger to design the latest and greatest, flat, modern, minimalist, simple design. While cool and fun to do, it may be too much for your customers depending on your industry. ClickTale showed us that some of our features were just 'too much' for our older customers to understand.
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  • In-Page web analytics
  • Heat map reporting for landing page testing
  • Comprehensive page reports
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  • It's been a while since I used it, so I have no suggestions here.
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There are no other tools out there that I'm aware of that cover the qualitative aspects of user interaction with the website in such a comprehensive manner.
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I had some issues interacting with viewing recordings of a specific page by many users but my impression was that this was going to be fixed.
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Alternatives Considered

We used CrazyEgg prior to ClickTale. CrazyEgg is simpler to use and much less expensive, but you get what you pay for. ClickTale gives us more capabilities that we desired. If you are a small start up with few people dedicated to the web, go with CrazyEgg. If you are a larger company wanting more capabilities, I would use ClickTale.
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Return on Investment

  • Haven't been able to measure ROI yet, but it has definitely allowed us to improve our website. We recently published a page that took us about 6 hours of time to develop, and we were about to invest another 10 hours to improve the page. We watched how visitors were interacting with the page and decided the content was not valuable so we deleted the project and saved us 10 hour of time.
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