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Crimson Hexagon

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Crimson Hexagon

30 Ratings
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Crimson Hexagon

If you need to discover what topics may be trending in the social media space to identify what your target audiences want to hear from you, then Crimson Hexagon is a great tool. You can use the analytics widgets to drill down to specifics about what your audience is talking about, which enables you to develop content they want to consume.


  • Drills down to specifics of what is being discussed on social media
  • Very robust set of analytics tools
  • Topic wheels are extremely useful for identifying trending topics


  • Can be hard for a user to utilize if they don't have a lot of background in building queries
  • I think Crimson Hexagon ForSight can do a better job of how users can arrange their dashboards
  • Crimson Hexagon ForSight can do a better job with the 'click-ability' of their dashboard components

Likelihood to Renew

Crimson Hexagon9.0
Based on 1 answer
Would only consider changing if this product was purchased by a larger company, as has happened to several other social listening tools in the last 18 months


Crimson Hexagon6.0
Based on 1 answer
It's quite easy to figure out if you have used similar tools before. But otherwise it could take some time to get used to it.

Alternatives Considered

Crimson Hexagon is very similar to Brandwatch in its ability to track volume and mentions. Where I think Crimson Hexagon beats Brandwatch is in its ability to drill down into specific audiences (affinities). Crimson Hexagon is also slightly better at organizing positive vs. negative mentions when determining brand sentiment (able to 'train'). With Brandwatch we encountered several issues with incorrect labeling.

Return on Investment

  • Our analytics team has been able to impact the strategy of marketing efforts due to insights extracted using the tool.
  • We have been able to sell creative ideas to clients based on data pulled from the tool.

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Crimson Hexagon

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