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Likelihood to Recommend

Dell EMC Celerra (Discontinued)

It's perfect for a large environment with a small IT Staff. It is a great solution that is already built into the VNX product and provides the best way, in my opinion, to quickly create a network file share environment. I hesitate to say that many negative things about it but it can be difficult to back up. In an all virtual environment with virtual backup software, it is near impossible to back up without a separate solution. We are a Veeam customer and cannot use Veeam to backup the NAS files in a fast reliable way so we rely on a separate backup software just to back up the NAS files.
John Glenn | TrustRadius Reviewer


Dell EMC Celerra (Discontinued)

  • The downtime has been zero since implementing the solution 6 years ago.
  • It provides a safe effective way to provide network storage for all users with an easy interface to provide user rights.
  • The read/write speeds are much faster than Windows.
  • It does not rely on a separate server for performance. This is due to the fact that it is not subject to Windows updates or memory/processor constraints of a Windows based OS.
John Glenn | TrustRadius Reviewer


Dell EMC Celerra (Discontinued)

  • Reporting is not very easy to figure out.
  • It requires some training of admins to figure out the best way to manage the shares, quotas, and permissions.
  • It's difficult to migrate to/from when implementing. Short of using copy based tools and scripting there is no other way to move on old file server to the NAS or to move files out of the NAS onto a Windows based server share.
John Glenn | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Dell EMC Celerra (Discontinued)

They both provide the same functionality and, while Windows files systems in a Virtual setting are much easier to backup, Celerra is much more reliable. The Celerra servers do not require frequent rebooting, patching, or planned downtime like a Windows file system. In the event a patch or update is required for the Celerra there are typically multiple server points to provide a second pathway and prevent downtime. The boot times for a large Windows file share server is much longer than that of the EMC solution as well. There are many tools for a Windows based server, both by Microsoft and third party software vendors, and very few tools that provide the same functions for the Celerra. There are still plenty of tools available that can run on a Windows machine to run against the Celerra though. The Celerra will require more than basic file server skills and little to no Windows file server skill sets will apply to the administration of the Celerra, outside of the typical sharing and permissions.
John Glenn | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Dell EMC Celerra (Discontinued)

  • NO WINDOWS UPDATES! This has been a huge positive impact for our environment.
  • The administration is very simple, once you have properly learned how to use it.
  • The backups and user file auditing have made things difficult. The fact that we still use it with these two difficulties speaks to how much we still prefer it to a Windows based file system.
John Glenn | TrustRadius Reviewer

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Dell EMC Celerra (Discontinued)


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