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Très utile pour suivre l'évolution de son e-réputation.Conseillé aux grandes et moyennes entreprises.Serait surfait pour une petite entreprise.[Very useful for monitoring online reputation.
Recommended for medium and large enterprises.
It would be overkill for a small business.]
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  • Digimind Social is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and requires little time and training to get up and running. The dashboard is very well designed – all the data insights you need are in one place, you don’t need to wade through many pages to find the information you need.
  • Top Reputation is a great feature in that it gives you a view into what people are searching for but don’t yet have answers to; this is something you don’t find in other social media monitoring tools but can deliver a lot of value to communications users when compared with the results from social channels. For instance, Top Reputation can help you identify any issues that online audiences are having before they reach social channels, and also help you shape campaigns to match emerging tastes of consumers.
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  • At this time, it’s hard to find any area of improvement for Digimind Social, especially after having used other tools, which are clunky and require more manual work to zero in on the information you need. The sentiment analysis is a tricky task for any tool and while Digimind Social is better at it than others, we hope they continue to hone its capabilities and are able to analyze a larger volume of data.
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Likelihood to Renew

Digimind Social8.4
Based on 4 answers
I have seen many different tools. As mentioned earlier the tool has a very nice dashboard and the sentiment analysis from Digimind is better than other tools that I have tried in the past.
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Alternatives Considered

  • Meilleur résultat dans les mentions remontées
  • Moins de bruit
  • Fonctionnalités additionnelles de meilleure qualité et moins gadget
  • Un coût mieux maîtrisé par rapport à notre besoin
[Best results are surfaced
Less noisy
Very high quality, non gimmicky, additional functionality
Better value with respect to our needs]
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Return on Investment

  • Digimind is a great tool to collect additional insights for brand projects (positioning, value prop etc).
  • In some situations Digimind can replace qualitative or quantitative research.
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