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Dooly is a sales enablement platform that collects information and insights essential to close business sales. Originally designed to make faster updates in Salesforce, Dooly has evolved into a connected workspace that integrates with several different CRM tools. Features include editing and notetaking while on calls, as well as a dashboard for co-workers to share their meetings, tasks, notes, and sales pipelines. With a strong focus on promoting teamwork, Dooly aims to help sales professionals…
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N/A is a sales forecasting and coaching tool that uses artificial intelligence to make predictions and recommendations based on combined CRM, Email, Calendaring and call log data.N/A
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Dooly Research Ltd.
Good: Anyone who has to update SFDC daily, should be using Dooly. It's the only place you should be looking at to house your comments, and notes, move around accounts and update your pipeline. It's just so so so much easier Bad: If you need to move complex deals. The tool is meant to be really simple, and so I have a feeling if you have a super complex version of SFDC, it's gonna be hard to pull off.
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It is well suited for any sales organization that is trying to mature its sales process, and continually improve its execution.
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Dooly Research Ltd.
  • Dooly.AI is easy, powerful, and intuitive!
  • Dooly.AI saves me incredible time as I can take notes in one place and it syncs up to all relevant Salesforce objects.
  • Dooly.AI's support team is incredible! They customized Dooly for our GTM team and have been an incredible partner!
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  • I can easily see if there is communication occurring between the sales rep and the appropriate contacts at the prospect company. I can quickly see if the communication stream is a mutual back and forth conversation or if it is mostly a one-way stream from the rep to the prospect. If it is mostly a one-way conversation, this tells me something isn't right about this opportunity.
  • The system looks at this communication and using AI, it highlights if it interprets any negative sentiment from the prospect allowing the rep or the sales manager to dig deeper into the opportunity and see if they can discover the reason for this negative response and correct it if possible.
  • The software "learns" from previous successful deals we have closed and uses this information to alert us if a deal has been in a particular sales stage for longer than similar deals. And it learns who is the business decision maker or technical decision maker is for previously closed deals and points it out to the rep that they should make contact with this same position in the target company.
  • The software coaches sales reps on actions that should be taken, based on our sales process, at each stage of the sales cycle. And it does so without feeling like its looking over your shoulder, by recommending the rep send a "confirmation of needs" email once the deal is moved into the 30% stage.
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Dooly Research Ltd.
  • A newly created field isn't synced over into Dooly right away. Would love to see a "Sync fields" button to manually force a refresh
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  • It doesn't create a new contact if account doesn't exist . It'll be good if it asks you to map it to the right account
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Alternatives Considered
Dooly Research Ltd.
Scratchpad has a limit on the number of syncs but when you go to the paid version, it is cheaper. Dooly is also a much higher funded company and has a larger pool of customers. The premium version does offer more features in terms of collaboration than Scratchpad. Scratchpad benefits by having a native UI within your existing browser
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SalesDirector is more comprehensive and advanced than the add-ins I've tried.
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Return on Investment
Dooly Research Ltd.
  • Incredible time savings! I easily save at least an hour a week by using Dooly.
  • We have more information on accounts and opportunities as we transition accounts to new teammates, so this saves time and ultimately helps us make more money.
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  • Identify close-able deals quicker
  • Real-time sales coaching
  • No more "happy ears" dependence
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