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5 Ratings
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I believe the system is well suited to office workers. EmpCenter is not particularly helpful in remote locations with poor internet and phone services. If better remote location access is available it could also work well for those who frequently travel outside a main office building
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  • As stated EmpCenter is more user friendly making time entry smoother and sometimes faster.
  • EmpCenter allows managers to track their employees time and address any issues they may see - for example patterns of tardiness.
  • Employees are more empowered with the software because they can now take ownership of their time.
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  • One feature I would like to see on EmpCenter is a vacation calendar that monitors all vacation requests for all employees within a group.
  • EmpCenter is not wholly compatible with other softwares and there are occasions when time data does not properly translate.
  • Moreover, I would like EmpCenter to automatically provide timekeepers with delegations from managers. This way if a manger does not want to grant the timekeeper authority it is easier to rescind, rather than tracking down all managers to grant timekeeping privileges.
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Likelihood to Renew

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Now that we have gone through so much time to implement the program and transition our employees to use it I don't see the university dropping it and going to another system any time soon. I think we will continue to find ways to make it work and to work around the areas that are lacking for us and work for improvments to be made as they can be.
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Extremely knowledgeable staff that truly care about our business processes
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Alternatives Considered

EmpCenter is a new software to the company however, I only trained on the old software for a few months before EmpCenter was introduced. I think EmpCenter has a smoother data entry process and can run more in depth reports, but since this is the system I know best I cannot accurately compare it to previous software.
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Return on Investment

  • Employees can now better track their hours and ensure they are paid accurately by payroll.
  • Timekeeping is faster and smoother for most administrators.
  • The system does need to be slightly more compatible in translating its data from the home software to another software.
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