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We have not yet come across a use case Evergage is not well suited to handle. In fact, its flexibility is such an asset, it may be used in ways that go beyond what it was originally built to accommodate. While we have used Evergage to deliver pop-ups and modals, info bars, callouts, and in-line content swaps on the page, we have also used it to completely rebuild entire website pages with fully responsive CSS and server-side integration via API calls. We have also used it to bridge the attribution gap between website usage and offline (call center) transactions -- something we never could adequately solve prior to using Evergage.


  • Data gathering and provision. At the last Evergage conference in Boston, presenters made a point of saying that Evergage doesn't want to gather the information but restrict its use to within the Evergage platform; rather, they want it to provide that data for other SaaS platforms to consume and use. This is a powerful distinction, because not only is Evergage a product providing its own capabilities, but it can also help power the capabilities of platforms like email service providers, remarketing programs and analytics programs.
  • Extension of web capabilities outside of a release structure. So, if you want short-term content added to a site that would take weeks for developers to release, Evergage can fill the gap by allowing marketers to build and deploy web campaigns as needed.
  • WYSIWYG and on-page editing browser extension. This can make the complicated process of building a campaign easier for those less-code-friendly marketers. It's not perfect, and knowing even rudimentary HTML/CSS/javascript code would definitely enhance what you can do with Evergage, it is still highly usable without this knowledge and can allow marketers to do technical campaigns without a ton of technical background.


  • Evergage could have better data exports.
  • Evergage Audience analytics could be in a better format and showcase similarities in a more visual format.

Likelihood to Renew

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When you first engage with Evergage you have to make a choice on how you're going to use and deploy their product. Are you going to use it for, as is my case, an "in-app" deployment for your SaaS application or for your public facing website. We elected to use it for "in-app" first so we could build knowledge and have a measure of churn reduction. We've done well enough that we're developing a strategy for use on our public facing website now for better lead building and qualification. We're about to double our engagement with Evergage essentially. Evergage has been incredibly responsive. They use great customer service tools and eventually gave us our own account manager. As an IT person, once setup, I intentionally worked to remove myself from the product as a support means so our customer service people are working directly with Evergage and great things are happening. Evergage has just been constantly improving for the better.


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Evergage has undergone a lot of changes to improve their UI in the last few years. I've seen a lot of improvements but I think they could go further to improve the usability, user experience and overall UI of their product. I don't want to discourage anyone from selecting them because it's pretty good, I just waiting for that leap-frog moment of improvement. They are constantly iterating their product and making improvements, including UI.

Product usability is outstanding however, this product does exactly what we hoped it would do for our organization and it does so without breaking the bank.

Reliability and Availability

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We have never experienced an availability issue and the Evergage Javascript beacon loads very quickly with virtually no impact on page load times.


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Evergage is quick loading and very responsive. We always have concerns about page load time and the integration of Evergage with our websites has never once caused any issue in this regard.


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Our questions have always been answered and effective solutions provided. In the process, we always seem to learn something new about Evergage that is useful for future use cases.

In-Person Training

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Training program is not very well established. There is very little documentations. More often than not it's in-person training. I wish there were more video tutorials so that somebody can learn the system quickly. Their documentation is very much like an RFP. Long and very technichal. They should definitly improve on this area.


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Ensure that systems are in place to communicate Evergage dependencies to Web Developers so those dependencies don't break with subsequent revisions or enhancements to the website.

Alternatives Considered

Evergage is far superior to Optimizely in terms of customer support, usability, and ease of creating tests. When I was using Optimizely, the time to launch and build a test was multiple weeks. With Evergage, I had three tests up and running within the first two weeks. Evergage is also great with the analysis of the test and determining statistical significance


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The product has been able to handle considerable web traffic without a problem.

Return on Investment

  • We increased CTR in our funnel.
  • We increased email capture on our site through exit mitigation.
  • We helped push visitors to call our call center when they visit us on mobile.

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