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6 Ratings
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I would highly recommend exelate for small geo-targeted campaigns and direct response campaigns looking to reach a very narrow audience
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  • As stated before able to target a specific demo or behavior pattern
  • Has higher click through rate than regular rotational placements - which in returns leads me to believe exelate has more user interaction
  • Data used from exleate reports can help our ad solutions team with marketing decisions as well as my team with which segments perform the best for certain demographics and behavior patterns.
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  • More segments need to be created as often as possible
  • Sometimes it is hard to optimize these segments when the CTR is low - segments make it difficult to pull out zones/sites that are dragging down the CTR because they are so narrowly targeted.
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Likelihood to Renew

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I still use exelate every day for my media plans that are either direct response or extremely geo-targeted.
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Alternatives Considered

I like exelate better than boomerang but unfortunately I like BlueKai more than Exelate. Bluekai offers more segments which gives me more options - if exelate can just release more segments from time to time I can see them running neck and neck with BlueKai.
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Return on Investment

  • exelate segments generally perform better than regular ROS placements - CTR's are usually higher which confirms more user interaction.
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