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Facebook for Business

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Facebook for Business

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367 Ratings
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Facebook for Business

I think it is essential that every small and large business have a Facebook page. Although Facebook is more suited for businesses that cater to lifestyle, beauty, fashion, hobbies, etc., it can still be used by larger companies that provide industry knowledge and services. The most essential part of using Facebook as a business is remaining consistent in your message, branding, and posting. If a company cannot do that, then Facebook certainly isn't going to do the work for you.
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  • Frankly, Facebook for Business brings us leads. They are not always the best and most qualified leads, but we are able to get them inexpensively.
  • Facebook for Business provides information on our audiences.
  • We are able to create lookalike audiences from our customer lists to help us find like candidates.
  • We are also able to create lookalike audiences from our website traffic, to further allow us to connect to similar candidates.
  • We are able to connect to an API and download results information for analysis.
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  • When you are setting up a page, you need to do it to near-perfection. It is rather challenging to edit details later on once a page is set up.
  • Customer service is pretty much non-existent. The messages you get in response are very generic and sometimes feel like they are being sent by a robot. Honestly, for an advertising platform, there are better ways to handle customer service.
  • Messenger is a great application but it takes a lot of effort to get a good response time, and this metric itself becomes confusing to use for analysis. It would almost be better if the "response time" banner was removed all together as it's not accurate.
  • While Facebook for Business is great, it just feels a tad bit slow. Even on a solid fast internet connection, it can take 2 minutes to load advertising pages for accounts. This can be really frustrating to us,e especially since advertisers are the ones who pay Facebook's bills.
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Facebook for Business9.0
Based on 5 answers
To be honest, Facebook doesn't give much ROI for small businesses. There isn't the best notification system for letting someone on a mobile device communicate with their fans/customers, and the overall interface isn't very pretty.
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Facebook for Business6.2
Based on 2 answers
I find it very cumbersome to use. It is a clunky system and often times very buggy. The customer support, though helpful, is very slow to resolve issues.
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Facebook for Business7.8
Based on 3 answers
Because they have really thought ahead and made all the help content very simple to understand and the training videos were very detailed.
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Facebook for Business7.3
Based on 3 answers
Take all of the training offered through Facebook first before attempting to create a page on the platform. Learn all of the capabilities available to you. Learn about the different types of audiences who might be interested in seeing your page. Create short video clips as though they are viewed at a much higher rate than anything else. Offer free giveaways or raffles to further build to your list of prospects and drive traffic to your website
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Alternatives Considered

We use a variety of touch points and Facebook for Business is one of them. You can't be everywhere, but you do have to spread your resources so you are overlapping and reaching your target markets on various outlets. This is one of the places we feel like our money makes an impact on our conversion rates.
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Return on Investment

  • We heavily promote our brand without actually selling through our ads. I feel like Facebook is a great place to get exposure and keep our brand fresh in their mind for when they are shopping. It provides another touch point for us.
  • Everything is transparent online. It can be hard when you have disgruntled customers that blow up social media. We used to worry about the negative impact that would have but we actually find it to be a positive. Being open, honest, and responding quickly to our "haters" really helps build our reputation and keeps people coming back to our brand.
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Facebook for Business

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