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3 Ratings
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[Well suited when] Linked to EMS - when planning an event that requires furniture delivery or room type changes, we can select that in EMS and create a report that feed to FAMIS and assigns a crew. OR, if you create the work order in FAMIS, have it be able to import back to EMS to include in the booking.
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  • It holds all of the building information or details of rooms/room types that help with requests being more specific on a room level.
  • Requests are organized by the specific user, however you can also search other users work orders, as well, which is helpful in our department (Hospitality Services).
  • They purchased EMS - which I cannot wait to see how they integrate!
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  • Needs to be more fields for "pick up/drop off times," or to put in deadline times.
  • More communication back and forth to users and the person the order is assigned to. When updates are made, there is no notification that they have been acknowledged.
  • It would be nice to have pricing associated with different requests. It is a guesstimate every time on how much labour or time will be needed. Some sort of price menu would be great so when we check the financial page of the order we are not surprised every time.
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  • Many updates to work orders have been missed and incorrect furniture has been delivered for events.
  • There is no delivery/pick up time option, so if we booked it to be done after 2:30 (when our labour crew is done for the day) we do not get any communication saying it cannot be done, or that we have gone outside the booking window. Would be nice to have a feature that limits the window you can request work orders for events.
  • Been told work orders would cost x amount, charged the client, and then months later find out the amount was different. And only found out after reviewing internal charges to our FOAPAL - there is no notification or communication that your total is final and ready for review, or what the charges were.
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