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Fastly Deliver@Edge

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The service is really well-suited for pretty much any site that is primarily display-driven (that is, mostly GET requests). The network is able to handle massive volumes of traffic and their POPs have spread out pretty much anywhere that it's easy to get them (so basically everywhere but China and Russia). My team witnessed several large-scale attack attempts on some high-profile websites (attacks in the 10s of millions of requests per second) that were mitigated before ever coming back to the actual application; in one case we didn't realize the attack had happened until we looked at the logs the next day. Because it's a cache store option, the default configuration does not cache POST responses, and it can be difficult to set up things like authenticated paywalls as a result.
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  • Very performant and fast -- major companies have drastically reduced page load times with Fastly's edge technology.
  • Support for many types of media, including video.
  • Image add-on makes serving and manipulating images very simple.
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  • WAF is hard to configure.
  • No comprehensive rate limiting without a pricey upgrade.
  • Account access controls are extremely limited.
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Fastly Deliver@Edge

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$8 per GB/per reigon

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Fastly Deliver@Edge editions and modules pricing
First 10TB0.121
Next 10TB0.082


  1. per GB/per reigon
  2. per GB/per reigon
  3. per 10,000 requests


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It’s the fastest and most configurable.
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Return on Investment


  • Fastly dramatically reduces load times for clients all over the world thanks to their global system of POPs.
  • Fastly is a cost-effective choice when a highly-performant CDN is required and makes it simple to support data that is quickly invalidated.
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