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Google Analytics vs IBM Tealeaf Comparison

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Experiencing your website and mobile business as your customers do
December 23, 2013
IBM Tealeaf is a product that pays for itself. With comprehensive data capture and real time processing, you'll find problems that you didn't know you even had. Keep in mind that sound people tend not to believe the ROI of Tealeaf because it tends to be so quick.
TeaLeaf provides understanding and context
December 13, 2013
Tealeaf's reliability, speed of search, multiple conditional event capability, and ability to retain historical trends make it a good analytics tool. The event manager can be confusing and graphs of transactions can be misinterpreted. Formal training classes are recommended for effective usage.
IBM Tealeaf review
December 13, 2013
Exceptionally useful for troubleshooting technical issues and investigating conversion problems. Allows you to create alerts to track specific problems and to create reports and dashboards to track activities on your site. Scorecards allow you to create reports to track a series of events. You can also shadow-browse a customer's web session. Does not yet support mobile app traffic. Web Based viewers is slow and not as flexible. In application help is currently not functioning.
Tealeaf 8.8
December 16, 2013
Tealeaf is a great tool for identifying pain points in user-facing applications, and it also integrates well with other data sources and analytics systems. Session loading times can be a bit slow.
Tealeaf Realtime Data Monitoring
December 10, 2013
Helped shine a light on metrics that would not have been seen in other analytics reporting tools. Extremely detailed KPI measurement and strong customization with portals. However, not a particularly user friendly tool and reporting is in need of improvement.
Highly suggested
August 1, 2014
IBM Tealeaf provides the ability to see the exact path and user interface that a customer has taken. It would be great to have more filtering options.
The Power of Data is a No-Brainer
August 18, 2014
Google Analytics allows users to define conversion goals and sales funnels, and then track how visitors are using their site. However, the functionality for tracking search keywords and phrases referrals has room for improvement.
Matthew's Review of Google Analytics
May 16, 2014
GA is able to accurately track conversions by placing a conversion pixel on a transaction page, and it provides real time tracking. It's also a great tool for evaluating traffic sources so you can see where marketing spend is producing good ROI. GA does not provide very good conversion path analysis, and training and education materials could be improved.
Google Analytics: Delivering Day to Day Data
May 6, 2014
GA does a great job of providing the source of website traffic and visitor behavior. It would be great if GA provided keyword information for organic traffic.
Google Analytics - Why aren't you using it?
May 2, 2014
Google Analytics is extremely simple to implement, and provides a great deal of information that is organized in a logical manner. Implementing custom attributes and conversion goals is relatively simple. Custom reporting could be easier, and currently Goals are limited to 20 in the free edition.
The Standard Analytical Tool for Just About Any Website
May 2, 2014
It's great for detail oriented reports on web traffic and related info. Very easy to create custom reports and it can integrate with just about any website. Some of the more complicated features are difficult to set up and documentation is not as good as it should be.
Letting Google Do What Google Does Best
May 2, 2014
GA provides excellent detail on who visitors to a web site are and which pages within our client's site are the most trafficked, including time spent on the page, and previous page. The amount of data though can be daunting for beginners and organization of content could be a little better.
Google Analytics: Hard to Beat Free.
May 2, 2014
Much of our online marketing would be guesswork without the hard data provided by Google Analytics - and decisions made based on data are generally better decisions. It helps us understand where we are weak and where we need to improve content and readjust our strategy as necessary to make sure the right visitors reach the right content and the right time.
Google Analytics - A googol's worth of features
May 2, 2014
This is a great free product with strong permissions, reporting, and dashboards. It has advanced features many don't know of such as eCommerce reporting tools, goals and trending tools, and a plug-in API. It's still missing things like data mining and trending that are found in some of the paid tools.
Google Analytics should be everyone's first web analytics solution
May 2, 2014
GA aggregates statistics along multiple dimensions for quick analysis and allows you to see conversion rate metrics (be they site registration, purchase, or whatever) across various landing pages or audience segments. It's simple to create sets of queries and share them with colleagues. It would be great if there were more filtering granularity.
Google Analytics
May 2, 2014
Google Analytics is a constantly evolving tool that allows you to monitor live traffic - IP location, browser, device, language, etc. - and understand the impact of specific marketing campaigns via referrals. It has a very intuitive interface and is the first tool in this category to cater to non-technical users.
Free? Yep! Google Analytics is a great entry-level web analytics tool.
October 24, 2013
Google Analytics is the best free online analytics tool on the market. You can add complimentary pay services such as AdWords, and use pay per click advertising to help drive users to your site. However, adding pay services requires sophisticated JavaScript skills. The product is generally very easy to use.
Google Analytics: The Rockstar Web Analytics Tool
December 17, 2014
Google Analytics is great for viewing site visits, conversions, and conversion rate by source, medium, campaign, keyword, and/or content. It would be great to have the ability to export more than 2000 rows at a time.
A powerful, FREE tool to take the pulse of your inbound audience
December 17, 2014
Google Analytics is easy to use. This tool excels at providing a detailed breakdown of web traffic by any specified length of time. It would be great to have more tracking tools included in the free version. The turnaround of analytics data has room for improvement.
Google Analytics
September 26, 2014
Google Analytics is good at describing overall page visits. It would be great to have more ways to capture and report data.
7 out of 10 Digital Marketing Managers choose Google Analytics
June 10, 2014
Google Analytics is great for tagging links and monitoring traffic flow through website. However, it's not easy to track our Pinterest and Facebook sites.
Analyze This
April 29, 2014
Google Analytics is an essential part of every company's data toolset. It offers incredible customization, a wide variety of data sources, and, of course, is free. The user interface could use a refresh, however, and there could be better sorting options for data.
Google Analytics Provides the Data We Need for Continuous Improvement
April 28, 2014
Google Analytics is easy to implement, provides a fast "dashboard" approach to analytics, and enables you to dive deeper into analytics as needed. It can take some time to get used to the interface, and some terms are confusing. Overall, it helps us measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.
Google Analytics Software Review
February 14, 2014
Google Analytics provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence, large or small. It allows users to see which marketing initiatives are effective and accurate website traffic data.
Why Not Use Google Analytics?
July 19, 2013
GA is great for tracking visits, pageviews, sources, and conversion rates. This allows us to work on web pages that are underperforming. It is also useful for tracking referral traffic from social media channels. We use the product in conjunction with Marketo, but conversion data does not always correspond.
Use to track marketing campaign effectiveness.
April 4, 2013
We use GA to monitor traffic on website and track effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Tracking configuration has been getting more difficult over the years and we now need developer help to set up codes. It's been a great product but there are other products out there that may fill some of the gaps where GA is lacking - like tracking personal data on websites which GA cannot do.