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IBM Campaign

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IBM Campaign

Top Rated
47 Ratings
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IBM Campaign

Extremely well integrated in the TelCos and Financial Services areas. Retail & Online Gaming are the next big sectors. Real Time capabilities via IBM Interact are starting to come to the fore as marketers start to understand the necessity for true reactive CRM. Additional functionality using IBM Distributed Marketing is also another very powerful area for the future, allowing regional marketers to fill out web based forms, which initiate and run flowcharts & email delivery automatically.


  • Contact History of our campaigns.
  • Response History to know what kind of campaigns work well.
  • Extremely powerful. If you have the right access to the database, the sky is the limit.
  • Perfect for larger companies in telecommunications or banking.


  • May be a little confusing to pick up if this is the first time you're managing a campaign.
  • Some of the commands are a little slow to response.
  • Live data can sometimes be misconstrued.

Likelihood to Renew

IBM Campaign8.7
Based on 12 answers
I believe this product will no longer be active soon so I would not recommend it.


IBM Campaign8.0
Based on 1 answer
I think it is easy to use, if you don't have to do to complex selections.


IBM Campaign3.0
Based on 1 answer
I didn't use the Unica support since it is with IBM, only before.


IBM Campaign7.2
Based on 2 answers
- We had to rebuild a part of the datamart afterwards to tighten up and simplify the selection process. But as it was too time consuming to rebuild all the existing campaigns, we no run campaigns on different versions of the datamart. - The response tracking of the campaigns never worked out well, it was impossible to implement a direct response where there is a link between the lead and the response in our operational process

Alternatives Considered

Alterian is limited on the database side and can limit the amount of reporting and analysis that can be done. Because Unica can support a variety of platforms, this limitation does not exist.

Return on Investment

  • It helps my clients drive their business which in turn, drives more profit for them.
  • It helps my clients determine what works, and what doesn't work, in terms of their social marketing campaigns.
  • It helps navigate proper budgeting through determining what clients' users respond to, and what they find unique.

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IBM Campaign

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