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IBM Campaign

47 Ratings
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IBM Campaign

It’s fantastic for a list-based generation. I’ve been in a number of fortune 500-row class organizations using the tool and for the most part, there’s very little and can’t do.


  • The most powerful in Unica are the audience swaps. They are very helpful for cleaning up audiences like households, if one of the members of a household has a product, you can easily exclude the whole audience.
  • When working with segments in a flow, this goes really fast.
  • The use of templates is easy and helps to standardise the working process.
  • The mappings of tables can be different in every campaign


  • IBM Campaign is a tool for enterprise organisations with large and complex data content, with the introduction of IBM Marketing Cloud (dubbed Unica Lite) this will allow access to the power of this tool to smaller organisations. To use a previous reviewers comment "It's VERY involved. Hire a an integrator and educator!" - this is an involved integration process and the right training can make it very easy to use.
  • IBM Campaign by itself lacks data visualisation within it's module, additional modules within IBM's EMM suite does allow data visualisation but as within any additional module it does come with the IBM price tag.

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IBM Campaign8.7
Based on 12 answers
I know Unica well and can make it do just about anything I need it to do. I love the abiity to call in custom code along the way for extremely complicated scenarios and optimum performance. Situations that would steer me to other applications are: If already a heavy SAS user with Enterprise Miner and/or Enterprise Guide I would seriously consider SAS CM; if already owning Teradata platform would seriously consider Teradata RM.


IBM Campaign8.0
Based on 1 answer
I think it is easy to use, if you don't have to do to complex selections.


IBM Campaign3.0
Based on 1 answer
I didn't use the Unica support since it is with IBM, only before.


IBM Campaign7.2
Based on 2 answers
- We had to rebuild a part of the datamart afterwards to tighten up and simplify the selection process. But as it was too time consuming to rebuild all the existing campaigns, we no run campaigns on different versions of the datamart. - The response tracking of the campaigns never worked out well, it was impossible to implement a direct response where there is a link between the lead and the response in our operational process

Alternatives Considered

Similar approach to data processing but different applications.

Return on Investment

  • It helps my clients drive their business which in turn, drives more profit for them.
  • It helps my clients determine what works, and what doesn't work, in terms of their social marketing campaigns.
  • It helps navigate proper budgeting through determining what clients' users respond to, and what they find unique.

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