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IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

  • As mentioned earlier, transactional heavy web assets such as eStores are particularly strong candidates.
  • IBM CXA along with other, similar tools, is not set-and-forget. The solution must be well managed in order to deliver value. Purchase of the solution is one thing; driving analytic results is another. If a company's staff are not strong analytical thinkers, CXA will not help. IBM CXA is not just a technology platform - it is a basis to design strong customer touchpoints and interactions. You need to be customer journey design literate to get the best from this.
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IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

  • Tealeaf provides a unique view into a website beyond what typical web analytics can provide.
  • It captures all of a website's traffic, no need to tag pages or decide ahead of time what data you want to capture.
  • Data is captured and processed in real-time which reveal unknown issues as they are happening.
  • Replay session to see what a customer or user actually did and not just they remember doing when a problem occured.
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IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

  • IBM is still working out a solution for seeing Mobile App traffic in Tealeaf. What they have now allows you to see the response and request, but it doesn't show where the customer is actually clicking. They've promised that newer versions will be better with this.
  • Tealeaf is pushing a web based viewer, trying to make this the standard over the more robust and extremely useful desktop based Tealeaf Viewer. the Web Based viewer is slow and clunky and just not as flexible, but IBM insists on pushing customers towards it. Last I heard, they plan for their mobile solution to only work in the web based viewer.
  • Recently IBM moved all the support documentation for Tealeaf to the IBM Support portal instead of Tealeaf.com where it has been for years. This completely broke the in application Tealeaf Help. At the time of my last use of Tealeaf near the end of November 2013, when you tried to search help from the Tealeaf web portal, you were sent to the IBM support site, and once you logged in, the search request was lost and you had to start the search again. The search of the help files is also nowhere near as good as the original tealeaf.com help site. Also, if your users tried to use help, they were out of luck because only the Tealeaf Admins have access to the IBM support portal. At first they insisted that they were not going to fix this for older versions of the software, but instead only release a fix when the next version of Tealeaf was release. There was a large discussion about this on the LinkedIn forum and IBM has said they're working on a solution, but I'm not sure when/if that will get release.
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IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics 5.7
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Tealeaf is a highly demanding tool that can report just about any KPI one can think of. The reward can be great if one is willing to put the time and effort into building a comprehensive and organized event structure.
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Alternatives Considered

IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

The alternative products mentioned differ wildly.Adobe Analytics is similar to IBM CXA although not as strong for transactional web assets (eStores). In keeping with IBM CXA, integration with Adobe's own suite of products is strong. However, in a heterogeneous environment, this integration does not count. Lucky Orange is a low-cost tool that will facilitate session replay of individual customer journeys. This solution does not scale since no one is going to observe 1,000+ customer interactions to deduce issues or failings. This is not suitable for large web assets.The main reason we chose to work with IBM CXA was the ability to cover analog and digital scenarios by leveraging UBX. This was a major reason for us in designing customer experiences since they are naturally a mix of these two domains.
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Return on Investment

IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

  • With the specific KPI's we report on, Tealeaf has helped shine a light on metrics we would not have seen in a normal analytics reporting tool.
  • Tealeaf has helped us pinpoint areas of user struggle and vastly improved our website experience.
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IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics


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