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13 Ratings
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JDA Software

JDA WMS is a tier 1 solution for warehousing environments. Due to its price, it may not be suitable for smaller operations. Since the system allows for multiple clients, and since my company is a 3PL, JDA WMS works well for 3PL providers.
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  • JDA WMS is highly configurable to handle any of our customers' requirements. These configurations do not require customization work, rather setting up the system to allow for customer needs such as processing and reporting.
  • JDA WMS can handle high volumes of transactions well.
  • JDA WMS has a robust and great integration layer which allows for data transfer inbound and outbound from the system.
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  • JDA WMS is a pricy solution compared to other WMS vendors. Perhaps they should offer "lighter" versions for smaller customers.
  • JDA acquired RedPrairie a few years ago, and in doing so, has lost some of their "small company" support and customer care.
  • Although integration and label printing are strong features of JDA WMS, they require expertise to set up. It would be nice if those aspects of the system were easier to manage.
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Alternatives Considered

JDA WMS was a large step up from our legacy Infor solution. It filled many gaps that we couldn't fill with Infor's system. Rather than continuing to build solutions in-house to account for customer requirements, we decided to implement JDA WMS and use all of that system's capabilities to handled what we needed in our warehouses. Granted, Infor's solutions have probably improved since 2007 when we changed, but those were my experiences back when we changed WMS providers.
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Return on Investment

  • Having JDA WMS licensed and available for potential customers has greatly helped our sales process. Mentioning that we use this software has kept our company in bids that we otherwise would not have been invited to participate in.
  • Our company went through some attrition, so we had more licenses for JDA WMS than we needed. In that aspect, we were paying too much for the system usage. However, JDA sales worked with us to decrease our licenses to support the smaller number of users that we currently have.
  • Although not monetized, the fact that JDA WMS is customizable to all of our customer needs has kept our clients satisfied with the product and encouraged them to keep our relationships.
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JDA Software

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