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JIRA<a href='https://www.trustradius.com/static/about-trustradius-scoring#question3' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Customer Verified: Read more.</a>

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1176 Ratings
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JIRA is perfect for planning and tracking the work of different teams in a company. However, it's a really big tool with a lots of features and therefore, it makes sense to use other project management tools besides it. E.g. we're using JIRA for our IT tasks for which it's suited just perfectly while were using projectplace in the design team which does the job much better in a small team with tasks that are not very complex to specify.
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  • JIRA does particularly well on tasks and activities tracking.
  • It allows users to easily incorporate supporting documents with various formats.
  • Easy monitoring and summarizing and is also flexible on assigning and commenting on a task.
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  • Atlassian recently made a number of UI changes to both JIRA and Confluence. The Confluence changes negatively impact productivity by hampering what used to be a relatively straightforward navigation process. JIRA received an analogous set of changes; while less egregious, I find the new look increases my eye strain when trying to find needed information. New users may not have as much difficulty, but you should try it for yourself.
  • Atlassian offers both a Cloud and on-premise solution; the Cloud version doesn't offer many customizations and plugins that are present on the on-prem (server) version.
  • The amount of customization offered by JIRA is a blessing and a curse. Generally speaking, it's important to keep things as simple as possible; avoid adding custom fields or super involved workflows as much as possible (though the default workflow doesn't work in most situations based upon my experience).
  • You'll need to nominate someone in your organization to own the JIRA effort -- this person should have a reasonable knowledge of JIRA administration but also have the ability to fairly present options and solutions as issues arise. If you don't have someone in this org but opt for a committee of sorts your instance can become a true mess and will negatively impact productivity.
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I do not make decisions at my new company, so it's out of my hands. I will say that we're in dire need of a new Project Tracking suite, but I'm not sure how interested they'd be in building something from the ground up. But, if discussions turn to blowing up our current solution and going in another direction, I will be recommending JIRA, and offering to take lead in it's implementation.
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I would give it a 10 but it doesn't read my mind yet
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I used to get immediate support from the Jira helpdesk; also most of my issues are already explained in the user manual which is really helpful.
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Take your time implementing Jira. Make sure you understand how you want to handle your projects and workflows. Investing more time in the implementation can pay off in a long run. It basically took us 5 days to define and implement correctly, but that meant smooth sailing later on.
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Alternatives Considered

I like that you can visually monitor many projects simultaneously. I like that you can add tickets and issues to the system relatively quickly and easily. The tool is pretty intuitive and it only takes a few attempts before you understand how the system works.
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Return on Investment

  • Efforts put up in Development are measurable and can be audited. It can be used to improve dev productivity.
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