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82 Ratings
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Very well suited when you want to test across multiple pages and / or run heavily targeted or segmented campaigns. Lots of out of the box capabilities, and they can help add the ability to do anything else. You can create reusable custom scripts for targeting or tracking. Ease of implementation is great, and as I mentioned, the campaign reporting is top notch. If you still want additional insight, you can tie it in to 3rd parties like ClickTale or Google Analytics.


  • Customer service - we have a wonderful solutions team that helps us with managed testing and strategy, as well as technical support for our self-service tests. They're responsive, respectful, and helpful. We have yet to run across an issue they couldn't help us with.
  • Platform integration - it's very easy to integrate into our websites, and one of the things that I most appreciate is that the single line of javascript code makes it so that we don't have to continue going back to our dev teams for further integration... we can just code our tests and launch them. It also makes it so we can test just about anything we can imagine... from simple button tests to all of our product pages to any kind of price testing we can think of, to any segments we want to test to.
  • Reporting - the reporting tools are robust and easy to use, and one of my favorite things is the filtering capability that comes out of the box so that I don't have to add filters to my individual campaigns in order to understand impact by traffic channel, etc...


  • Tool has a bit if learning curve but once you are adept at it, it makes optimization look like an easy job.
  • You may not get much online help for many questions.

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We are constantly monitoring other supplier options to ensure we have the best solution for the money. As yet, nobody has come close.


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Personally, I find it quite easy to use. But for those members of our team who have little or no testing experience, it's been a bit more difficult. There's also training required for development teams in order to have your campaigns coded and set up in the most efficient way. Our developers have been able to do basic and intermediate tests with no difficulty, and they find the interface itself quite intuitive... it's just the extremely complex tests that require a bit more understanding.


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They're very responsive, helpful, and respectful. From my perspective, they're a partner in our success - I always get the feeling that they care about what we're doing and helping us to succeed. Emails are usually answered quickly and I've never had to escalate an issue. The team is always willing to help us with anything we might need... I've had them on the phone with my entire dev team in more than one instance, helping to resolve tricky coding for complicated tests. Our dev team is in Manila, and they've also been very helpful in working with us on remote training which has been extremely helpful and also effective. When they're providing managed services, the communication is always excellent, and I've always appreciated the strategic support that they provide... they don't just execute on what I hand them, they make an effort to help us make it even better


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I give it a 10 because the only issue we had was a result of not following the guidance we were given. Maxymiser provided a customized implementation guide for each site where we were adding the code. On our site implementations when we followed that guide to the letter, it was extremely fast and easy and has worked very well.

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Optimisation tools and capabilities are all very similar. Maxymiser had the best caliber people, they provided real value add with sharing & learning opportunities with other clients, and all they do is optimisation. The tool will also integrate with pretty much anything.

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  • Primarily focused on improving sales conversion, optimising with Maxymiser has proven ROI many times over.

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