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82 Ratings
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As with all testing software, you need a fair bit of traffic to get significant results, but Maxymiser would work well for any online business. The main consideration would be fully self serve vs managed, although I'd recommend a hybrid of the two to get the most benefit.


  • The pre-work maxymiser did to identify the make up of our current sites, where the break points were and identified areas to structure first tests. As someone with no previous UX experience this gave great confidence in their ability to grow our business. This proved to be the case with the first test delivery incremental sales worth over £600,000 a year.
  • Maxymiser's depth of analysis on a test continually surprises me (in a good way). It's developed my understanding of the customer experience far beyond what Google Analysis was telling me, allowing to see how the interaction between the elements creates a great customer experience. Just having great content isn't enough you need to tell a story that empowers customers to make the decisions you want them to make.
  • The most important thing I've found about Maxymiser is their honesty. If something is awful you will be told and if it's great then it won't be fake praise designed to just cater to the client's ego. This is what I value the most as it's stopped me and my team from making costly mistakes and also got to the point where we are getting real insight, rather than just scoring quick wins.


  • Self Serve tool is not always available - depends on the type of systems used internally for the site
  • Delivery time is excellent, but would be happy to see it improving even more, would love seeing 1 week becoming the standard rather then 3-4.

Likelihood to Renew

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We are only 3 months into our contract so it's too soon to say.


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Personally, I find it quite easy to use. But for those members of our team who have little or no testing experience, it's been a bit more difficult. There's also training required for development teams in order to have your campaigns coded and set up in the most efficient way. Our developers have been able to do basic and intermediate tests with no difficulty, and they find the interface itself quite intuitive... it's just the extremely complex tests that require a bit more understanding.


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They're very responsive, helpful, and respectful. From my perspective, they're a partner in our success - I always get the feeling that they care about what we're doing and helping us to succeed. Emails are usually answered quickly and I've never had to escalate an issue. The team is always willing to help us with anything we might need... I've had them on the phone with my entire dev team in more than one instance, helping to resolve tricky coding for complicated tests. Our dev team is in Manila, and they've also been very helpful in working with us on remote training which has been extremely helpful and also effective. When they're providing managed services, the communication is always excellent, and I've always appreciated the strategic support that they provide... they don't just execute on what I hand them, they make an effort to help us make it even better


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I give it a 10 because the only issue we had was a result of not following the guidance we were given. Maxymiser provided a customized implementation guide for each site where we were adding the code. On our site implementations when we followed that guide to the letter, it was extremely fast and easy and has worked very well.

Alternatives Considered

It was simply the most resilient testing tool out there. It offered everything we needed and was able to keep up with the fast paced development process. Others fell over at the result accuracy, their process, the speed of delivery. Also the quality of the team behind the product is a massive factor

Return on Investment

  • Increase in the amount of testing we can do on the site.
  • Through testing, increase in conversions and engagement.

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