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Micro Focus Performance Center

Below are some major scenarios where you can use HP Performance Center:
  • Performance center is supposed to be a complete performance management solution. So it provides a great asset to your organization when you want to see the specific set of test runs for a project. It provides all tests with comments (if mentioned).
  • When you have multiple load generators and more than one load test scenario needs to be executed at a time, teams don't have to wait for one test to complete to start another one. They can run simultaneous test runs if they have multiple load generators as Performance Center provides multiple Controllers.
  • It helps you to build custom design application models that enable the performance engineers to assess an enterprise, multi-tier, heavily-distributed, high-traffic application on how the application for that particular release meets its non-functional test requirements and SLA thresholds, which are key business transaction response times.
Below are some scenarios where it is less appropriate:
  • When we need to perform a diagnostic test run then very few data points are gathered for troubleshooting
  • When you have a budget issue as it provides a high licensing cost
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  • Server metrics like CPU, memory, and other resource utilization can be directly plugged into HP Performance Center. It also allows the plugging of Sitescope metrics directly with no effort for plugging these metrics into the analysis report.
  • HP Performance Center can manage the execution(s) [like baseline, load test, capacity test, stress test] for each application and can group them so it provides a great application management tool apart from running different test scenarios.
  • More than one test can be executed at the same time if we have multiple available load generators.
  • HP Performance Center can be administered centrally and provides great documentation for installation and configuration, if needed.
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  • Integration with other tools like Dynatrace, is a little tedious.
  • Support around cloud solutions and architectures needs to be improved.
  • Sometimes we faced failures while collating the test runs and entire test runs need to be downloaded in a zip file which is a troublesome task for test engineers. Even opening those results in HP Analysis fails. Collating those failed runs needs to be improved.
  • Diagnostic runs only provide the result for 10% of users which is very low when we need to diagnose for a very low number of users. We get few data points for diagnostic test runs for fewer users.
  • Installation over the firewall is documented but can be done using a script based mechanism so it will make the installation task hassle free over the firewalls.
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Alternatives Considered

Using HP Performance Center and LoadRunner, we were able to critically evaluate the applications' performance and stability and were assured that each application that was released into production was performing better and meeting all SLAs, including transaction response times and system resource utilization. The biggest point gained is the application performance management which lacks in the open source tools and licensing tools. We get great documentation and the online forums are available to help us resolve some of our critical issues in project tight situations. Even the support and follow up from HP was tremendous which makes us use this product against the other tested tools.
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Return on Investment

  • Since it can schedule multiple runs at the same time and we can allocate those runs through [the] time window, we get a huge number of performance testing projects and even some projects for benchmarking their response times.
  • Server monitoring becomes easy having HP Site-scope data directly plugged into it so it provides very minimal effort for providing the analysis report and thus our performance team saves tremendous time when creating the analysis HTML report.
  • Its distributed nature will let you choose load generators that can be geographically located anywhere, thus traffic simulations from multiple locations make it possible to create a real production scenario that is more trusted by our various clients.
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Micro Focus Performance Center

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