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While there are other products that can perform functions that SCCM provides, I would still recommend SCCM due to the vast array of features that it provides IT professionals. Most great products that I have used require some configuration to ensure they are a useful tool that we as administrators and managers can utilize to extract data relating to our environment. SCCM can do just that.


  • Windows deployment is probably the biggest strength in my opinion. You can build and capture an operating system image, deploy it using as complex a task sequence as you want. The functionality can be combined with that of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. A deployment can be Zero-Touch all the way to a fully managed sequence.
  • Update management is very good combined with WSUS.
  • The distributed model of SCCM makes it good for ensuring WAN links aren't overutilized.


  • Because it's such a huge piece of software it's easy to get lost in all the features and functionality and without proper knowledge you can unintentionally cause serious damage to your network.
  • The reporting could use a little cleaning up and beautification.
  • No web manager, still need an application install.

Alternatives Considered

We are using SCCM because it was given to us for free and we are currently inbetween a tool system that was not fully deployed and selecting a new system. We currently have Landesk, that was managing images, our ticketing systems, patching and remote management. Unfortunately, it was not fully deployed correctly, so not all areas are working. The other issue is that Landesk was bought out by Ivanti and will not be continued in the future. We are going through a RFP process currently, deciding what tool will take these tasks over permanently.

Return on Investment

  • We were short staffed and this allowed us to install software and image machines where we needed 2 more FTEs. This was able to do that process with very little human interaction and reduced our need to hire more employees.
  • Nurses and front line staff who were registering patients needed IT to very quickly remote into their machine and fix problems and the remote assistance to help us resolve problems faster than and remote assistance tool we found. There is an option to allow direct access with or without asking permission. Our staff didn't want the software to ask permission, they just wanted the problem fixed.
  • Our EMR vendor releases patches all the time and we were going around to each PC installing the patches one by one. This allowed us to push out the software to all machines and get a detailed report on success and failure.

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