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NetForum by Community Brands

netFORUm is generally good for small to medium membership organizations but can definitely pose problems in the amount of data and the reporting tools as the membership grows.
Jeanette Gass | TrustRadius Reviewer


NetForum by Community Brands

  • Can store a lot of information. There are many different modules and each module has a lot of spaces for details such as birthday, gender, spouse and children's names, emergency contact information, photos and more.
  • Can be linked to our internal systems. Our awards system is run through our organization's website but the winners are sent to netFORUM so that their records indicate the awards and distinctions they have achieved without us having to manually enter all of these.
  • Can provide a lot of reporting information which is useful for data collection or year-end reporting needs.
Jeanette Gass | TrustRadius Reviewer


NetForum by Community Brands

  • The queries and reports are not user-friendly. One really needs to understand the search terminology to run queries and reports.
  • There is no way to prevent duplicates so if someone enters an updated address for a member but creates a new record instead of updating the current record, there are now two records for that person which makes some of the data difficult to sift through.
  • Linking members to their organization is difficult because if someone enters an organization slightly differently from the way it is registered in netFORUM, the person will not be linked to the organization and the reports that say how many members come from a specific institution is now inaccurate.
Jeanette Gass | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

NetForum by Community Brands

netFORUM is better at data collection and support for the price.
Jeanette Gass | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

NetForum by Community Brands

  • Easier to see expiring or expired memberships and initiate the renewal process
  • Streamlining of data increases employee efficiency
  • Difficulty in using it to its full potential means that the total possible ROI may not be achieved
Jeanette Gass | TrustRadius Reviewer

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NetForum by Community Brands


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