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Oracle Data Warehouse

Including other products, Oracle is very specialized in business support. Choosing Oracle Data Warehouse would be a safe choice for an enterprise-level company (more than a thousand employees). Healthcare organizations may want to consider Oracle, as they are typically conservative with privacy and security issues with patient data. Although cloud-based systems are widely being adopted in the healthcare industry (such as population research or genomics), core data sets (such as patients' sensitive medical records) may be better stored with a home-grown data center and warehouse solution.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer


Oracle Data Warehouse

  • Able to handle very large data sizes efficiently from a performance, high availability and manageability perspective. This is accomplished through the Oracle Partitioning functionality. Partitioning allows large segments (tables, IOT index-organized tables, indexes) to be broken into smaller segments at the physical layer but treated as a whole at the logical layer.
  • Provides support for dual-format architecture through Oracle In-Memory functionality. Without any change to application code one can obtain in-memory performance. This functionality enables us to have the tables represented in both the row format and the column format using in-memory format. This is a huge boost for BI/analytic queries since the Oracle optimizer is able to intelligently choose the appropriate format.
  • Provision to materialize a subset of table data or table joins. This is through materialized views and the optimizer will rewrite the query against the base tables to make use of this materialized view. This provides a huge performance boost and is critical in VLDBs as in a data warehouse. The query rewrite is fully transparent to users.
  • Provides multiple compression capabilities. This is very useful not only for deducing the storage foot print but as well as increase performance at different layers of the infrastructure including query performance. The compression functionality can be applied against both structured and unstructured data.
  • With the advent of Engineered Systems (Exadata, Database Machine, SuperCluster) there are specific features and functionalities that can further boost the Oracle data warehouse. These are related to consolidation, Smart Scan, Storage Indexes, EHCC (Exadata hybrid columnar compression) and much more.
  • RAC - Real Application Clusters (with 2 or more nodes) provides functionality for high availability, performance and scaling as the work load increases. The parallelism is provided both within a node and as well as across nodes. If for any reason a node goes down the data warehouse is still available through other nodes and the running queries are transparently failed over to the surviving nodes.
Suresh Muddaveerappa | TrustRadius Reviewer


Oracle Data Warehouse

  • Customer support isn't the best out there. We usually have to wait about an hour to get some form of assistance.
  • Pricing is a bit higher than many of its competitors such as AWS Redshift.
  • Tweaking features requires dedicated staff. Software is fairly advanced. Would be difficult to use for newcomers.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Oracle Data Warehouse

Oracle is, in my opinion, the top dog in this space. I feel like the other vendors are playing catch-up to where Oracle is right now. It is also likely the most expensive option out there.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Oracle Data Warehouse

  • Very cost effective for large databases.
  • Very fast results on simple queries.
  • Analytical functionalities are of wide range, which makes it very cost effective.
  • For smaller businesses, it might be a great asset.
  • Some features are supposed to be bought separately, so one needs to consider this before licensing with Oracle DW.
Kartik Chavan | TrustRadius Reviewer

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Oracle Data Warehouse


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