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Oracle Responsys

In my opinion, Oracle Responsys is well suited to companies that send large amounts of email, push, or SMS messages. I personally don't have a ton of experience with other ESPs, but I find this tool to be pretty easy to use and overall efficient. We send a lot of emails so it works for us - at a smaller company or someplace with lower volume, it may not be as helpful.


  • Interact Campaign provides a wide variety of capability for creating dynamic message content, tailored to each specific channel.
  • Interact Connect offers straight forward, reliable data integration.
  • Recent enhancements to Interact Program make it flexible and easy to set up and test.


  • The tool is not intuitive and really requires a dedicated expert with strong HTML/CSS and SQL skills to get the most out of it.
  • Any additional custom work done by the Oracle Responsys team is almost always prohibitively expensive.
  • Most marketers like to get into the data and dig through it to uncover opportunities. This is very difficult in Responsys as the tool is overly technical and disjointed. Again, you will need a dedicated expert resource to run the tool or even reporting.

Likelihood to Renew

Oracle Responsys9.0
Based on 2 answers
We believe Responsys offers the largest feature set in the industry. While it took some time for us to ramp up and feel confident using all the features in the beginning, we're now in a good position to take full advantage. Our investment is paying off in terms of regular, targeted interaction with our customers and prospects, driving traffic to our site and generating additional revenue


Oracle Responsys8.2
Based on 1 answer
The system is robust but usable. Just like with any new system, there will be a learning curve.


Oracle Responsys4.0
Based on 1 answer
Too often the support team is unable to answer my question or I have to explain the issue over and over.

Alternatives Considered

We evaluated Silverpop and ExactTarget but chose Responsys because of convenience and ease of use.

Return on Investment

  • Responsys was the main driver for digital marketing and building customer profiles.

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Oracle Responsys

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Oracle Responsys pricing covers marketing messages sent across Email, SMS, MMS, Push, Social, Display, and Web.