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Oracle Social Cloud

If you are looking to manage multiple social channels and quickly schedule posts it's a great tool. Not the best tool if you're looking to provide real time or near real time support and feedback to customers who are in the moment.
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  • Scheduled publishing of social posts to various channels.
  • Ability to listen for certain topics or keyword mentions in cyberspace.
  • Links back to Eloqua for full campaign tracking through various mediums.
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  • I sometimes find it difficult to find answers to questions when using Oracle Help; I have had good results using the support ticket system...working with support agents.
  • Because this is an enterprise level application, there are many modules with many functions. It takes time to ramp up and become proficient in all modules. That's not to say there are issues with the platform; simply an observation on how robust it is.
  • I would have liked more and better training and more proactive account support.
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Likelihood to Renew

Oracle Social Cloud9.0
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We're currently having renewal discussions but are too early in the process to make a definitive decision. We have many factors to consider, including price, enhancement of current offerings, meeting capability needs, and also balancing the use of other similar tools. Other social listening tools have integration offerings with other products we use, which makes a compelling argument to move away from Collective Intellect if they cannot begin to provide similar functions. Since their acquisition by Oracle, we are waiting to see the inclusion of additional tool sets that may also impact our decision.
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Oracle Social Cloud9.0
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Within a few hours you should be able to get up to speed to do the basics. I find it very intuitive
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Oracle Social Cloud7.6
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The personalized support of a single individual who gets to know your business and your needs is priceless. They will assist with anything from a technical glitch to a campaign strategy that has worked for other companies
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Online Training

Oracle Social Cloud5.0
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Vitrue's training was limited online and not very in-depth, but the the platform is overall very easy to use and doesn't necessarily need a large amount of training.
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Alternatives Considered

Our primary concern was to guard against comments that are beyond the scope authorized by the FDA -- off-label claims, in other words. SRM was the best tool to provide the control our management required. The others had incomplete or easy-to-evade controls. However, we've found that to be a two-edged sword; the controls are so restrictive that most of our reps won't use the tool. Overall, SRM satisfies our needs adequately.
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Return on Investment

  • Oracle has allowed us to expand our social reach, grow our social audience and just overall spread our brand awareness and community goodwill.
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Oracle Social Cloud

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