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Oracle Social Cloud

If you are looking to manage multiple social channels and quickly schedule posts it's a great tool. Not the best tool if you're looking to provide real time or near real time support and feedback to customers who are in the moment.


  • Scheduling posts across multiple social platforms
  • Listening and monitoring what's going on in the social world
  • Reporting on social campaigns


  • Would like faster response with the listening component. It's tough to do real time responses when there are lags
  • The ability to build out landing pages for social campaigns could use improvment

Likelihood to Renew

Oracle Social Cloud9.0
Based on 10 answers
Our personal support finally came back at the end of our contract, but their product just could not offer what the competition offered. Social media is moving fast, and you need to work with companies that understand that and are at the forefront of trends, you can't get stuck with a company that is standing still.


Oracle Social Cloud9.0
Based on 1 answer
Within a few hours you should be able to get up to speed to do the basics. I find it very intuitive


Oracle Social Cloud7.6
Based on 4 answers
You are in the hopper with everyone else and it can take a long time to get your question answered.

Online Training

Oracle Social Cloud5.0
Based on 1 answer
Vitrue's training was limited online and not very in-depth, but the the platform is overall very easy to use and doesn't necessarily need a large amount of training.

Alternatives Considered

I have used one other enterprise level application; it was comparable to SRM. We moved away from the first application because our parent company uses many other Oracle applications, not because we were 'unhappy' with the application we had at the time. Having said that, SRM does everything we need from it; in fact, there are features we aren't fully leveraging at this point. I especially find Engage, Content and Apps and Publish particularly useful. This is the kind of platform that is very robust; you get out of it what you have the time and resources for

Return on Investment

  • We have grown to over 5,500 followers over our social networks, which has helped increased our brand recognition. It is still early days for us to prove our ROI.

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Oracle Social Cloud

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