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Oracle Social Cloud

Definitely more appropriate if you are managing multiple social media accounts. If you are only managing one Facebook account, one Twitter account and one LinkedIn account, you're better off using the sites directly, given the lack of data for Twitter.


  • Publishing in one place - we can quickly publish to all of our platforms from one place
  • Campaign metrics - can tag each post to a campaign and measure effectiveness at the campaign level
  • Competitor listening and sentiment analysis, can create topics to listen around our competitors and also the sentiment their customers have for them.


  • Tabs tool could be much more user friendly, i.e. completely "drag and drop". It was pretty easy to get something functional built, but if you didn't know how to code CSS then you were pretty much hopeless when it came to making the tab look "professional".
  • Their bulk uploading/scheduling feature for posts was always having issues, it was something I always wanted to take advantage of and was bummed that it didn't really work well enough to make it efficient.
  • When I was using the tool, it was a very janky user experience when you needed to go and locate a post or comment that had been automatically removed due to keyword filters. And there was no simple way to just view a stream of what's being said on/to your accounts.

Likelihood to Renew

Oracle Social Cloud9.0
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I would revisit the tool in comparison to the competition if and when our current tool (Buddy Media) failed to meet our growing needs. Otherwise I feel like a handful of very suitable alternatives have entered the market and matured a bit since Vitrue held a tight grip on the space.


Oracle Social Cloud9.0
Based on 1 answer
Within a few hours you should be able to get up to speed to do the basics. I find it very intuitive


Oracle Social Cloud7.6
Based on 4 answers
The personalized support of a single individual who gets to know your business and your needs is priceless. They will assist with anything from a technical glitch to a campaign strategy that has worked for other companies

Online Training

Oracle Social Cloud5.0
Based on 1 answer
Vitrue's training was limited online and not very in-depth, but the the platform is overall very easy to use and doesn't necessarily need a large amount of training.

Alternatives Considered

When I was evaluating products for our communications department two things stood out to me about Oracle, the price point and the service. For what you receive, I believe Oracle is an excellent product. Not as expensive as some others, but equally (or better!) quality, plus the service really is unbeatable. From the demo, to the contract, to account management now, the service alone is worth the value!

Return on Investment

  • Oracle has helped us with competitive intelligence. We've been able to react in real time to conversations and trends.
  • Challenge with Oracle is there isn't enough functionality to support paid social media.

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Oracle Social Cloud

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