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Oracle WebLogic Suite

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Oracle WebLogic Suite

WebLogic is fantastic for building and deploying applications and web services. It offers advanced, scalable building and configurations for a wide range of applications. It simplifies the creation of new products and environments and consolidates the skill sets required to maintain an organization's application domains. It is, however, a significant investment depending on the number of nodes in place and is more suited for large organizations, especially those which have licensing volumes warranting entering an enterprise licensing agreement with oracle


  • Enhanced clustering capabilities with easy deployment
  • Surprisingly superior debugging/logging functionality
  • WLST(WebLogic Scripting tool) and the WebLogic console are extremely useful


  • The UI is not as robust as the tool and lacks some useful fuctionality
  • Cost is significant depending on use and how it will be leveraged
  • Oracle needs to produce a better guide for getting started

Alternatives Considered

In the relatively short time I have worked with WebSphere and WebLogic the latter has hands down been the better solution. WebLogic is easier to use has led to better configuration replication and scalability and less performance and downtime issues for us. It is the standard or recommended application server for a number of applications and platforms making it a versatile investment for us

Return on Investment

  • Costly prior to negotiating an enterprise licensing agreement with Oracle
  • Learning curve associated with the platform and lack of documentation

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Oracle WebLogic Suite

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