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109 Ratings
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PayPal Payments

Paypal Payments is superb for sites with a single product, a few products, or a donation. It also works well for e-commerce shopping carts where you have a small to medium amount of items. Paypal Payments usually handles the one-time payment of the shopping cart, then directs you back to the merchant's site. This also puts the burden of a secure transaction SSL on Paypal, rather than your own website. If a commerce site is much bigger, or requires many items and/or selections, it may be more advantageous to look at some other options that would handle the payments "on site." This set up would require a site to be tightly secured, as credit card info would be transmitted on the merchant site.
Tim Vahsholtz | TrustRadius Reviewer


PayPal Payments

  • PayPal is accepted in a large number of online stores, so you can buy in different places and countries easily and safely.
  • By being an intermediary between your credit card and the seller, and in addition to using encryption security in your transactions, you are not at risk of your credentials and personal data being stolen.
  • Use is very simple, you only have to associate a credit card and you can already buy in the hundreds of shops that accept PayPal.
  • PayPal has an anti-fraud security system, so in case you buy something and it does not arrive or arrives damaged, you can open a case to ask for a refund. The resolution of the case is delayed only a few days, which is much faster than the vast majority of banks.
burt smith | TrustRadius Reviewer


PayPal Payments

  • I have a booking service and the software isn't 100% compatible with PayPal. It kicks the customer off the payment page after they finish filling out their credit card information. No one knows how to solve this. Though I believe it's the booking service's glitch, it's an ongoing issue. I wish Paypal would take up this complaint with my booking service. I'm happy to provide more info.
  • I wish people weren't able to use the credit feature for my business. Mind you I've never had a customer not pay when they use PayPal's credit service, but I didn't set this up as a feature and wouldn't otherwise give my clients this option.
  • I can't say exactly what I'd like to see differently but I feel that the reports could be more comprehensive. When I've tried to run reports - sometimes I can't search for specific information - either those dates are available or the specific details aren't available. I was doing research for my business recently and it seems like the range of details you can obtain from reports could be enhanced.
MaryLee Trettenero | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating

PayPal Payments

PayPal Payments 7.3
Based on 8 answers
PayPal's customer service has always been efficient. We've had a couple of questions including how to add different currencies to our site and they've always been answered promptly. I have had no issues with their support overall. The wait times are even reasonable compared to other customer service providers. All in all, they are solid.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

PayPal Payments

Squarespace is not able to integrate with certain marketing tools as MailChimp, Hubspot or even Ebay, so that drove me to select PayPal Payments for ease of use and availability with multiple affiliate platforms to track and improve our ROI.
Victoria Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

PayPal Payments

  • The ROI is instant since the fees are negligible
  • The negative impact is getting people who may not trust PayPal to send payment that way
  • It's very easy to send and request so I don't need to spend tons of time collecting
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

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PayPal Payments


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