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PeopleAdmin vs iCIMS Comparison

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PeopleAdmin Review
February 6, 2015
PeopleAdmin allows users to ask specific supplemental questions with pass/fail answers to facilitate the screening process. This tool also serves as a library for all positions at an organization so that job descriptions, qualifications, and records are readily available. However, the implementation process could be more tailored to end users. This tool could be more user friendly for new users.
PeopleAdmin should be Reported
January 31, 2014
PeopleAdmin helps us provide better customer service. Candidates and recruits find PeopleAdmin very usable and easy to use. We have experienced increased employee efficiency. Especially for non-HR hiring personnel, PeopleAdmin increases the efficiency of hiring managers.
How do you Manage Talent?
January 21, 2014
PeopleAdmin really helped us provide better customer service, faster sourcing of applicants, and move to an entirely electronic system. We could track applicants better, easily run reports, and it was a great place to house our position descriptions and provide readily accessible source for hiring managers to make updates and changes. There were a few issues with it including data integration, lack of customization, and issues with duplicate entries.
PeopleAdmin review
January 21, 2014
PeopleAdmin is designed for government and higher education entities and is a good choice for them. The applicant tracking functionality works well, but performance management has a poor end-user experience. Also, the 5.8 to 7.0 migration is problematic: there is less functionality and it does not carry forward historic data.
PeopleAdmin will simplify your day!
February 13, 2015
PeopleAdmin provides a great dashboard view and applicant information is stored in one convenient place. However, moving applicants through the workflow is not a very fluid process. It would be great to be able to search for job descriptions by the name rather than position number.
To be or not to be?
February 6, 2015
PeopleAdmin provides top notch customer support. This tool works well for tracking applicants. However, the application process can be very lengthy. It would be great to be able to use the back button.
PeopleAdmin - a good choice.
February 3, 2015
PeopleAdmin is easy to use and provides top notch customer service. Using this tool for internal hiring is difficult. Additionally, only one user group can manage an area in the workflow.
Very Good ATS System
January 31, 2014
Clean layout allows all relevant data points to be collected for one requisition, and approval routing works well. It would be nice to have better dashboard labeling.
PeopleAdmin-Great Product for Higher Education
January 27, 2014
PoepleAdmin is being used at our higher education institution. It is accessible to many types of users and it is rarely down. We've had great success using it for applicant tracking, tracking workflow, and keeping history of job descriptions. It has helped with improving customer service and efficiency with responding to applicants and internal customers. However, since the upgrade, it isn't as user friendly or do all the things that they promised it would do.
PeopleAdmin Review
January 27, 2014
PeopleAdmin is a great tool for posting jobs, easy applicant searching, and adding additional screening questions. PeopleAdmin helps the hiring process to go faster, helps us find exceptional candidates for different positions throughout campus, and is easy to learn which makes the hiring process easier. Areas of improvement include being clearer on what can be uploaded, easier method for applicants to answer supplemental questions, and ability for applicants to edit information after submission.
PeopleAdmin - From a Screener's Perspective
January 24, 2014
PeopleAdmin is a good tool for basics, but it does not support anything else without additional costs. It is not a good tool if you are looking for a complete package system.
PeopleAdmin -Talent Management with ease
January 22, 2014
The system allows us to move our position descriptions quickly into job posting and begin to compile applicants. The links posting on each posting help us to get jobs listed on external website with ease. Great attributes of PeopleAdmin include the easy of navigation, great technical support, and the ability to customize certain features.
PeopleAdmin Recruiting Software; Simple is as Simple does.
January 21, 2014
PeopleAdmin is great at taking care of their customers. They consistently reach out to ensure we understand the tool and they host an annual conference for users with hands-on learning experiences. The tool, overall, is very easy to use and make my job simple. There are just a few things I'd like to change with PeopleAdmin. They are more fields to search resumes and a comment section for each applicant.
Simply Easy & Efficient
January 21, 2014
The ability to list a detailed description and include supplemental questions is very helpful. The system also makes it easy to communicate with candidates to let them know their status. Sometimes the information can be redundant. For example, after you have went through the applicant pool and label who's not selected. It should automatically start the hiring proposal for the final candidate.
PeopleAdmin 5.8 Objective Review
January 21, 2014
This is a great systems for public sector and higher ed, and they stay current on customer needs. It's also easy-to-use. The current reporting capabilities are weak (but they are working on it). We are using for applicant tracking and position management, but not for performance management as we need something more robust.
PeopleAdmin review
February 3, 2015
PeopleAdmin provides great built in screening tools that assist with accessing and screening job candidates. However customizing the onboarding process has room for improvement.
PeopleAdmin 5.8
January 22, 2014
PeopleAdmin is being used on our campus as the sole application site for all staff and faculty positions. It is easy to categorize applicant statuses, and it is quick to post positions. It has made our recruiting process more streamlined and efficient. The online system has increased our applicant pool.
iCIMs does the job, adds value but poor user experience
February 27, 2015
A reviewer who previously used iCIMS liked the analytics features and the customer/technical support. She would have liked to have the option to sync this platform with a calendar to set up interviews. She also thought both the user interface and overall user experience had room for improvement.
Objective iCIMS Review From a Past User
February 20, 2015
A reviewer who is no longer using iCIMS says it can provide extremely in-depth workflow stages to move candidates through to ensure real-time, accurate depiction of where candidates stand in the recruiting process. The tool provides the ability to create customized reports. However, he found that this product was not visually appealing. He also said it did not work well at engaging individuals once they moved from candidate to employee.
From Taleo to iCIMS...
November 7, 2014
iCIMS is great for reviewing job candidates. This applicant tracking and recruiting tool also works well for streamlining the offer letter and approval process. However, integrating with other software or departments can be painful and take longer than expected. While customer support is great in general, there is still room for improvement.
Why iCIMS is the best ATS on the market
January 24, 2014
iCIMS is perhaps the only true ATS (rather than a module of a much larger HRIS solution). The product is very customizable and the company does not nickel and dime you. I am not happy that iCIMS recently changed their job-posting provider. Also customer service response time has gotten a little slower.
iCIMS - an excellent solution with strong capabilities
January 17, 2014
iCIMS is a very user-friendly system that can be customized to meet the needs of different user groups as well as easily set-up reports and extract data. The global capabilities were critical as we needed a system to support several languages. Overall, this system has improved our data quality, and it helped streamline us in creating our quarterly metrics.
iCIMS ATS review from a 19 year veteran
January 17, 2014
iCIMS is easy to set up compared to other ATS systems. The workflow is good from candidate submission to onboarding, and the reporting and search are easy to do without having to have too many technical skills. It integrates well with HRIS systems, and the customer support is very responsive. I would like integrations with all third party vendors to be fully functional.
February 17, 2015
iCIMS is easy to navigate. This tool makes it easy to communicate with candidates.
iCIMS is the best ATS on the market
February 3, 2015
iCIMS provides top notch customer service. This product is also very configurable.
iCIMS Should Be On Every Company's Short List!
February 5, 2014
iCIMS is a great system. It's both very user friendly, and very user customizable. The candidate pre-screening library tools are great and Customer Support has been outstanding in the past but seems less responsive lately.
iCims review
January 27, 2014
If you have high volume recruiting, it can handle the volume of candidates. However, if you have many positions and not many applicants, it can be a bit time consuming to add the candidates. iCIMS does a good job of tracking applicants, give you the ability to move candidates through jobs, the ability to track tie to fill, and allows you to post out jobs to boards easily.
Suffers from Poor UI/UX, Customer Service & Functionality
January 27, 2014
The antiquated user interface on iCIMS is frustrating. The lack of a preview button is unfortunate, and some of the features of the product simply doesn't work. The video capability on job postings and the landing pages is blocked by a security bug. This product is not recommended. It is a poor product with customer service being average at best.
iCIMS ( I C that I aM Successful) with the iCIMS ATS!
January 20, 2014
iCIMS helps us move candidates faster through the interview process, onboard new employees, track where we are with our candidates. We can post from one site to several, track where we are with our requisitions, and allow the hiring managers to access candidate information. It has all the capabilities I'm looking for in an ATS system.
A little old-school, but a powerful tool
January 19, 2014
iCIMS allows us to expedite the hiring process and it serves as our document storage and processing needs very well. The customer facing UI is great and customizable with great dashboards and reporting features. The admin UI can be a little dated, the search function feels limited, and there is a little bit of a learning curve.
iCIMS - applicant tracking made easy and fun!
January 17, 2014
iCIMS is a customizable system, with a good front and back-end user interface. However, there is a ramp-up time to get the most out of the system
Just Okay
January 17, 2014
Simple user-friendly design. Easy to input candidates and jobs. Customer service is poor and reports are not adequately detailed or professional looking.
iCIMS and beyond!
January 17, 2014
iCIMS increases employee efficiency and helps them provide better service to applicants. It's great for routing reqs and works well with all the major recruiting boards. Reporting could be improved and the workflow seems overly complex.
iReview iCIMS....
January 17, 2014
The iCIMS dashboard is great - you can see all your own activity and that of the team. The product is quite easy to use. Search could be improved; searching for candidates skills is quite cumbersome.
How iCIMS works for me
January 17, 2014
iCIMS is used by the US recruitment team to manage the applicant pool. The product has a clean layout and is easy to navigate. System updates don't always seem to be that helpful, and there is no way to preview emails to see if auto-populated fields are working correctly.
Talent Acquisition Technology & Analytics
January 17, 2014
iCIMS is a highly customizable system and the dashboard capabilities are amazing. It's quite easy to customize dashboards so that users see only the data they need to see. It would be nice of the system administrator had some control over security settings and integrations to other systems could be better.
No ATS is perfect but iCIMS comes close
January 14, 2014
iCIMS has the flexibility of customization. You can structure and format the process based on your requirements. The clean and clear layout and the rich reporting tool also make this system a great choice for applicant tracking systems.