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78 Ratings
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Radian6 has good capabilities for social monitoring and measuring. Any Org who wants to listen the real facts stated directly out from the crowd, this is a great tool.


  • I think Radian6 have one of the best data crawls out of the Social Monitoring tools that I have used. The tool consistently returns the largest volume numbers.
  • Radian6 is great at getting a read on what is being said about your brand and most importantly, doing so quickly. It only takes a minute or two to set up a keyword group and the pull can run in a matter of seconds.
  • The tool's AI behind the data crawl is smart. When searching for certain keywords like Pepsi, social mentions that include Pepsi in a hashtag are also pulled back. So not only posts including #Pepsi, but also #ILovePepsi would be pulled back as well.


  • There are sites where CDW has presense that Radian6 is not able to tap into to include in their search. This causes us to have to run separate searches on individual sites. It would be great if Radian6 could really be our "one stop shop" to searching all of the web for mentions of our organization.

Likelihood to Renew

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Aside from what has already been said earlier, I would consider the renewal of Radian6 if the social campaign is not based on very granular metrics. Radian6 would be great for identifying the overall trend and conducting research for measurement plan.


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• Would rate this a 6. The User Interface is pretty intuitive, but the platform was still considered pretty intimidating by our non-technical staff when they first saw it. It took a while to get used to it and feel comfortable. There was quite a lot of setup work in the beginning (for example, we had to build our own reports using a canned report as a template, and this was not simple). Although it took a while to get it setup correctly, it’s quite intuitive once that work has been done.

Reliability and Availability

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The platform is rarely down


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No issues with performance.


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• We have a dedicated account rep and he is very capable and helpful. We usually engage through the account rep rather than through support.

Online Training

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• We initially received dedicated online training for our team which was delivered by our account rep. This was pretty effective since it happened after our data had been loaded into the system and it had been configured for specific needs our organization. The training was perhaps a bit shallow though, as it was only an hour long. Online videos are available to be taken individually, and these have been useful.


Based on 5 answers
Implementation was pretty simple. Just a matter of giving the account rep a list of our search terms and having him set the system up to pull the data we wanted to see. Once this had been done, we tweaked it with his help. Process was pretty smooth, although there was some back and forth until it worked the way we wanted.

Alternatives Considered

Being the most popular and advanced social media monitoring tool, it's scalable and covers a wide range list of social media platforms allowing you to connect with other cloud-based CRM systems like Salesforce. Social Media for brand monitoring requires a dedicated high-end and specialized tool when necessary - especially for a negative crisis scenario. It might be a bit expensive compared to others, but very little compared to how your brand can be damaged for a long time if not properly monitored.

Return on Investment

  • Radian6 has allowed my team to develop effective keyword strings at a quicker pace. It is very easy to edit keywords and immediately see how it affects conversation results.
  • Clients are impressed that we use the Radian6 tool. We have been able to sell through additional business by sharing that we use this platform.
  • The visual exports from the Radian6 platform can be used in presentations to more clearly explain a piece of data. Clients understand and trust visuals.

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