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79 Ratings
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Radian6 is a pricey software that is also almost too comprehensive. It could be a considerable option for an enterprise-level organization, but definitely overkill for small to mid- sized companies


  • Weeding out posts that don't pertain to CDW. We are able to set up filters that allow us to avoid seeing clutter from other posters.
  • Allowing direct access to the post from the portal. When a tweet comes accross with a CDW mention - the ability to click and access the site it is posted on is key for maintaining productivity and insuring our response gets out to the customer quickly.


  • Some networks are out of the tool: i.e. only Facebook open public API but not all of it, other social networks are missing as well.
  • Having 2 separate consoles: Engagement console and the Radian6 dashboard console (one is web-based and the other is via desktop app).
  • The engagement console is very powerful but difficult to set up.

Likelihood to Renew

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My team frequently uses this tool because it is user friendly and has very visual exports. We use some competitors, as well, but I think we will renew our subscription with Radian6.


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• Would rate this a 6. The User Interface is pretty intuitive, but the platform was still considered pretty intimidating by our non-technical staff when they first saw it. It took a while to get used to it and feel comfortable. There was quite a lot of setup work in the beginning (for example, we had to build our own reports using a canned report as a template, and this was not simple). Although it took a while to get it setup correctly, it’s quite intuitive once that work has been done.

Reliability and Availability

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The platform is rarely down


Based on 4 answers
No issues with performance.


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As mentioned previously, it can be hard to get through to people who can help you. On occasion when I have spoken to customer service/tech support, they all seem nice and try to be helpful, however instead of admitting the system cannot do certain things, they will persist it saying that it can, which results in many wasted hours overall.

Online Training

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There were lots of videos and articles online which helped me to figure things out. The platform itself is also relatively intuitive meaning that once you are used to it you can generally figure things out for yourself


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n/a - no implementation really required

Alternatives Considered

I liked Radian6 better on the basis of the information that it could report on. I liked seeing the Share of Voice and NUVI had trouble pulling the competitor and industry-wide information that we needed to show our share of voice. NUVI has a nice interface, but I think Radian6 was more user-friendly and interactive.

Return on Investment

  • Radian6 has allowed my team to develop effective keyword strings at a quicker pace. It is very easy to edit keywords and immediately see how it affects conversation results.
  • Clients are impressed that we use the Radian6 tool. We have been able to sell through additional business by sharing that we use this platform.
  • The visual exports from the Radian6 platform can be used in presentations to more clearly explain a piece of data. Clients understand and trust visuals.

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