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12 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend


The size and scope of the operation is the main question. In a smaller environment, or one that does not require a complex Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), RedPrairie may not be a good fit.
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  • RedPrairie is very customizable by internal staff. Being a 3PL, we have many different customer requirements. RedPrairie has easily met them all. We try not to customize, as the product works well out of the box. But we do create custom reports and data extracts that customers require. And we can do those modifications ourselves with no RedPrairie support or additional cost.
  • RedPrairie allows for accurate and efficient use of warehouse labor. Transactions are tracked and rules are in place to keep inventory accurate. RedPrairie has a sophisticated work queue engine that hands out the best piece of work to warehouse workers and allows them to work as efficiently as possible.
  • RedPrairie has a robust integration layer that allows for data input and output to nearly any host or destination.
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  • Doing wall-to-wall counts and sending to another system, for example SAP. There is no count over-lay to send to SAP, must do manual adjustments in SAP to balance to RedPrairie after an inventory count.
  • There are NO reports! Everything must be exported to Excel and then reports can be manually created.
  • Enhancement request process - working with requests from "like Companies" and gathering information to work to THE BEST solution for all
  • LESS red tape....has gotten ugly since JDA took over!
  • Inventory Adjustment efficiency to do more than one at a time and via LXE
  • Line Supply via Directed Work
  • Easier/cleaner substitution process for outbound orders
  • Bayrow & pallet consolidation
  • Yard Trailer Management Report
  • Shared Yard Management
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Likelihood to Renew

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JDA support is not the greatest and their management since taking over has much to be desired.
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I found RedPraire to be the best system I have used of the years.
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Alternatives Considered

RedPrairie was already in use in some of our sites and selection process was done many years ago.

In terms of core WMS functionality, these vendors were very close. Our users gave RedPrairie a slight edge and a little easier to use and configure.

We selected Manhattan due to superior implementation experience/process and broader supply chain software capabilities for distributed order management and trading partner management.
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Return on Investment

  • Increased employee efficiency on the Receiving dock with ASNs (advanced shipment notifications). Faster to receive and store.
  • Decreased efficiency on the Shipping dock at sites that do customer loads with lots of cuts and adds due to complex process for substitutions.
  • Increased inventory accuracy with cycle count feature.
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