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28 Ratings
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Segment.io is a must for any small startup getting going and for medium sized startups as well.For larger corporations with more engineering resources, Google Tag Manager might be a better fit (more complicated, but also more customizable).
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  • Ease of integration
  • Reduces engineering costs
  • Event tracking and user info
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  • More and richer sources. For example, MailChimp is a source but the data you get from MailChimp is quite limited. I ended up writing my own scripts to take better advantage of MailChimp's API because Segment's integration was lacking.
  • Better examples on how to set up event tracking. Pageview tracking is easy enough, but it would be nice if they had a sample app and corresponding code for it and showed you, via Git commits, how to add various kinds of events.
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Alternatives Considered

Looked at Google Tag Manager, but too complicated. Segment.io mostly competes with each individual martech tool of implementing all the event tracking yourself for each tool.
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Return on Investment

  • Event tracking lets you take ownership of your own data, which in part makes it easy to craft metrics and do deep dives to see how your product is working. This has a huge ROI, because without metrics you're basically flying blind.
  • You can also use Segment's event tracking to fuel your experimentation and AB testing strategies. AB testing is the best way to ship features in a tech product with confidence that you're making a positive impact.
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