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ShadowProtect SPX

In situations where business continuity needs are high, ShadowProtect backups provide the ability to keep operations running with very minimal downtime, even in situations like crypto-locked data. If a backup server is set up in an environment to resume a live server from backup, this is even more helpful. In situations where clients don't care as much about quickly recovering their data, they can go without a solution like this.
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ShadowProtect SPX

  • Great retention settings.
  • It's easy to replicate off-site.
  • Disaster recovery is amazing with SPX.
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ShadowProtect SPX

  • Space management on filling NAS devices are difficult, since all of the incremental files rely on each other.
  • A few services run in Windows for ShadowProtect, causing a multitude of possibilities of problems. We've had e.ach of the services crash at various times giving various error messages
  • It is more expensive than some of the competitors.
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ShadowProtect SPX

ShadowProtect SPX 6.0
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24x7 support is not included in SPX support. You have to pay extra. Support is also no as prompt as other companies. While I don't need to call support often, I am not overwhelmed with their promptness. They always have the answers when they do call, however.
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Alternatives Considered

ShadowProtect SPX

We have servers dedicated to backups at our client sites so doing a wholesale hardware replacement is really tough. We also have our own cloud that is fairly young, so we don't want to move to a product that forces us into their cloud. We want to use both our cloud and grow into the vendors cloud as it makes sense.Both Veeam and Unitrends are very strong and we have chosen to switch to Unitrends. Veeam is ok but a bit tough to get into, and they don't have their own cloud so you have to source your own. In some ways, it is a bit clunky.Unitrends has their own cloud here in Canada and we have an option to use our hardware or their appliances; our cloud or theirs and it fits what we need
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Return on Investment

ShadowProtect SPX

  • In emergency data recovery scenarios, we have been able to fulfill many client's needs and give them peace of mind with ShadowProtect backup software
  • Our written help desk systems and procedures around data recovery have been enhanced by a single solution.
  • When scouting out potential clients, they appreciate that we have a turn-key solution for their business as one of our core offerings.
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ShadowProtect SPX


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