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Socialbakers Suite

Which social media platforms need to be monitored? (Should be in the list that SocialBakers includes)How many competitors do you need to monitor? (Cost is per profile monitored)
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Socialbakers Suite

  • Great statistics. The system gives you very detailed statistics of your KPI’s.
  • Great report system. It’s very easy to use, you can export data and in different formats.
  • Not hard to use. I would have said it is easy to use, but it is not very easy. It gets easy once you get used it. Sometimes there are so many options that you don’t know where to start.
  • Very Accurate. The system has a very accurate algorithm or AI system. I’ve compared it with Facebook statistics and there isn’t a significant difference.
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Socialbakers Suite

  • Scheduling (only able to autoschedule through Facebook)
  • LinkedIn Publishing
  • Instagram Video Publishing
  • Twitter Impression Data
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Likelihood to Renew

Socialbakers Suite

Socialbakers Suite 7.5
Based on 3 answers
Very satisfied about the output and the reports.
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Socialbakers Suite

Socialbakers Suite 7.3
Based on 1 answer
Web version is perfect. Lost 2 points because of mobile version that could be optimized.
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Socialbakers Suite

Socialbakers Suite 7.1
Based on 3 answers
Support is not based in the United States.
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Online Training

Socialbakers Suite

Socialbakers Suite 6.0
Based on 1 answer
The online training was fine but, in the end, the best way to learn any product is by actually using it.
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Socialbakers Suite

Socialbakers Suite 9.1
Based on 2 answers
The platform is so easy to understand that no "expensive consulting firm" is necessary to implement it!
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Alternatives Considered

Socialbakers Suite

I inherited Simply Measured when I joined. It was a very clunky platform with Excel data outputs that would freeze my computer because they were so large. One thing that I miss is a list of accounts that engaged with owned posts that were in those fairly large Excel files.
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Return on Investment

Socialbakers Suite

  • We really struggle with this metric, but it has allowed us to start benchmarking, as well as build social ROI metric sets per business units.
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Socialbakers Suite


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Socialbakers Suite
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For the Smart, Scale and Integrated 360 plans please request a one-to-one demonstration at socialbakers.com/company/request-demo - Price on request.

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