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Socialbakers Suite

Which social media platforms need to be monitored? (Should be in the list that SocialBakers includes)How many competitors do you need to monitor? (Cost is per profile monitored)


  • Competitive Analysis was a strong point for Socialbakers when comparing our metrics to our competitors.
  • Facebook Ad analysis was helpful through Socialbakers because it showed us how our ads could perform better.
  • Accurate metrics for Facebook in particular with Socialbakers since Socialbakers is a close partner of Facebook.


  • Socialbakers could have more support based in the United States. We ran into an issue with scheduling time for update calls and receiving feedback from emails because our representative was based on another continent.
  • Socialbakers could offer some additional features that set them apart from their competitors.
  • Socialbakers could be in better contact with their customers from a sales manager and an account manager position.

Likelihood to Renew

Socialbakers Suite7.5
Based on 3 answers
Very satisfied about the output and the reports.


Socialbakers Suite7.3
Based on 1 answer
Web version is perfect. Lost 2 points because of mobile version that could be optimized.


Socialbakers Suite7.1
Based on 3 answers
Support is not based in the United States.

Online Training

Socialbakers Suite6.0
Based on 1 answer
The online training was fine but, in the end, the best way to learn any product is by actually using it.


Socialbakers Suite9.1
Based on 2 answers
The platform is so easy to understand that no "expensive consulting firm" is necessary to implement it!

Alternatives Considered

Salesforce's Radian 6 is too clunky and hard to translate for management. The native platforms are good, but again without competitor details.

Return on Investment

  • We really struggle with this metric, but it has allowed us to start benchmarking, as well as build social ROI metric sets per business units.

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