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Solarwinds RMM

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Solarwinds RMM

15 Ratings
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Solarwinds RMM

This is a great solution for mid-sized businesses and a MUST HAVE for enterprise-sized companies. For small-size businesses, this might be too costly of a solution. I would suggest checking out SolarWind's free trials to see if the cost-benefit is worth it.


  • The server monitoring at five minute intervals works very well and provides flexibility as to which events trigger SMS and or email notifications to our technicians and which are minor issues that can be addressed during business hours
  • The SNMP scripting capability is very powerful, allowing us to perform checks on routers, UPS devices, storage arrays, etc. The ability to create custom power shell script and execute them as tasks at scheduled intervals is also very powerful.


  • The wall chart feature is very powerful. However recent upgrades have caused it to be subject to a forced timeout such that we have to login again. Very annoying.
  • The tech-support is sometimes lacking. Simple problems that they should be able to address we end up figuring out for ourselves
  • The Web protection module does not have granular permissions so we cannot let customers maintain their own whitelists.

Alternatives Considered

Solarwinds (at the time Maxfocus) was a better value proposition then the other products evaluated. The low per unit cost and entry point allowed us to gradually add additional features. The installation process was very easy, as is adding new devices. We have very few complaints about the software, and it just plain works!

Return on Investment

  • We generate a modest profit selling the RMM service itself.
  • Greater revenue is generated from fixing problems that are detected by RMM. This provides greater customer uptime as many problems are detected prior to system failure.
  • We view RMM as an indispensable tool in managing our client server and desktop population.

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Solarwinds RMM

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