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Solarwinds RMM

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Solarwinds RMM

If you are a managed services company, RMM is a must. The best 3 products out there for this are Solarwinds, Kaseya and LabTech. If you only manage one single smaller environment this may be overkill as Windows provides many of the same tools, but where these RMM products excel is with integrations with other products.


  • Advanced monitoring including customization of every facet of a service, process, and disk. Easy to use and understand interface.
  • Immediate alerting and simple to customize regarding intervals and text.
  • Patch management controls Windows Updates very well, including vetting updates before deployment and configuring staging groups.
  • Hardware monitoring is second-to-none including VMWare based operating systems.


  • When Solarwinds purchased this product, development was put on hold for an extended period of time
  • Sales resources are not very pleasant compared to other vendors
  • Very expensive to initially purchase

Alternatives Considered

Solarwinds is making a comeback, in that when it was purchased the development was put on hold for what seemed like multiple years, because of that we moved to LabTech (which I feel is superior in many ways). I've heard that Solarwinds is getting better, but still not up to par with LabTech.

Return on Investment

  • We generate a modest profit selling the RMM service itself.
  • Greater revenue is generated from fixing problems that are detected by RMM. This provides greater customer uptime as many problems are detected prior to system failure.
  • We view RMM as an indispensable tool in managing our client server and desktop population.

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Solarwinds RMM

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