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12 Ratings
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Be clear about what you want to track and why, Synthesio did a great job helping eliminate data that was not relevant to our needs, but we needed to be clear about that when we started. Work with the representative and ask that they too provide a report when using it for a large scale campaign or event


  • HashTag Tracking - Pre Event, Post Event Data Analysis
  • Infographic Designs.
  • Customer Service.


  • Realtime data at events.

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Ben Farkas was the representative that worked with us on this project, while we have been very excited with the work he provided, especially the customer service, we just did not have enough time with the product hands on to be comfortable giving it the 10 we think it deserves. As the Data tracking was done beyond our expectations and the finished product (infographic) were all excellent, we used this service to fill our need in being shorthanded to cover the data ourselves. Synthesio provided outstanding customer service, their data tracking and materials where top notch, just we lacked the hands on experience to speak to everyday use.


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Everything we needed was handled, in many cases during the first time we used Synthesio the representative made adjustments and explained them to us, some things we did not even consider when setting up the service.

Alternatives Considered

I have used Meltwater, Hootsuite for the same tracking purpose. Every tool has it own pros and cons. The best way to decide is go by the reviews of the people who have actually used it. Budget is yet another factor to consider.

Return on Investment

  • Synthesio Data Tracking helped us provide ROI to our sponsors and garnish additional Sponsorships.
  • Synthesio provided clean professional looking Infographics to help increase Social Shares on both our blog posts and social media accounts.

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