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Sysomos MAP

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Sysomos MAP

41 Ratings
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Sysomos MAP

Would recommend examining other tools before committing to Sysomos (Map or Heartbeat)


  • Influencer bio search - detailed assessment of Twitter profiles
  • Authority scoring - filters out search results to identify influencers talking about a trend or brand
  • Facebook page analysis - fan insights, sentiment and top followers


  • Sentiment scoring could be more qualitative - typically the majority of sentiment is categorized as neutral
  • Logo search - searching social content by brand icons helps filter out irrelevant content
  • Context around negative sentiment - some words are categorized as negative when they are actually positive

Likelihood to Renew

Sysomos MAP8.9
Based on 10 answers
We have been extremely satisfied. Cost and Facebook integration may cause a product switch, but we have been overall very happy with Sysomos and will likely renew.


Sysomos MAP9.0
Based on 5 answers
Like all software products, Sysomos has a learning curve. However, the UI is significantly better than some of the other tools we looked at. Even without training, a competent person could jump in and do the basics.

Reliability and Availability

Sysomos MAP8.0
Based on 4 answers
The system is typically pretty fast and easily accesible. Due to contract restrictions, our team sometimes has issues with overlap in usage (we only have one login to share amongst the team).


Sysomos MAP8.3
Based on 4 answers
Intense queries sometimes took a minute or so, but generally the performance was great.


Sysomos MAP7.2
Based on 5 answers
We had an account manager and he was great. Really though, we didn't use him for support that much. He was very responsive and thoughtful whenever we did need help

Online Training

Sysomos MAP8.0
Based on 5 answers
We had a kick-off training with the whole team where they walked us through the functionality. This was a pretty effective and comprehensive training.


Sysomos MAP8.0
Based on 5 answers
Some users might require some help getting keyword sets built if they are new to social listening.

Alternatives Considered

Sysomos MAP was chosen by my colleagues before I came to my agency.

Return on Investment

  • It has helped us find conversations around our business that would otherwise be missed

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Sysomos MAP

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