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Sysomos MAP

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Sysomos MAP

39 Ratings
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Sysomos MAP

Highly effective to measure a Twitter campaign post-event or campaign, where there is a defined period of time and a pre-defined hashtag (or hashtags) to be measured.

Limited at measuring closed networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • Ad-hoc research. During planning phase of a campaign it is a helpful tool to understand the marketplace, key influencers and topics that engage a target demographic.
  • Post-event hashtag analysis. Rapid generation of reporting on efficacy of a campaign, key voices, topics that resonated, viral reach and more.
  • User interface. Friendly and accessible enough to minimize training needs and enable decentralized access, though we have found some hand-holding is still required to get the most out of the platform.


  • Influencer identification. Influencer functionality is designed to tell us ho are the most influential people on a given topic. Sysomos was not great at this. It looked at someone's social graph and could tell us who a specific Twitter user is connected with, and how often they interact with these people. But it was not stellar it identifying who were the true influencers rather than those, for example, who just re-tweeted content from someone influential.
  • This is an immature area. These tools are typically good at counting re-tweets, but not at identifying who the re-tweeters are. Influencer ID was a nice to have for us, rather than a strong requirement so we could live with this weakness.

Likelihood to Renew

Sysomos MAP8.9
Based on 10 answers
The only real issue is the inherent difficulty of training our various departments on how to use Boolean logic. There are alternative methods of filtering data sets.


Sysomos MAP9.0
Based on 5 answers
Like all software products, Sysomos has a learning curve. However, the UI is significantly better than some of the other tools we looked at. Even without training, a competent person could jump in and do the basics.

Reliability and Availability

Sysomos MAP8.0
Based on 4 answers
100%. Never saw any down time.


Sysomos MAP8.3
Based on 4 answers
The product is faster than its most relevant competitors


Sysomos MAP7.2
Based on 5 answers
We had an account manager and he was great. Really though, we didn't use him for support that much. He was very responsive and thoughtful whenever we did need help

Online Training

Sysomos MAP8.0
Based on 5 answers
We had a kick-off training with the whole team where they walked us through the functionality. This was a pretty effective and comprehensive training.


Sysomos MAP8.0
Based on 5 answers
Some users might require some help getting keyword sets built if they are new to social listening.

Alternatives Considered

Sysomos is a top tier and most sophisticated tool when compared to an entry level product like uberVU. It is not as friendly as Viralheat yet scrapes backwards in conversational/data history which Viralheat cannot.

Return on Investment

  • It has helped us find conversations around our business that would otherwise be missed

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Sysomos MAP

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